Tips to Effectively Use the Car Air-Conditioner

Picture this: An afternoon in summer, returning from the shopping with bags overlapped both the hands, scorching sun overhead, and anyhow managed to open the door and got ourselves settled inside the car; then it come to realization, how good it would have been when someone else had turned the AC on for us before we get inside the car. Well, that couldn’t be possible without a robot, or some advanced technology, or at least a chauffeur. But conventional audience like us, who had owned car purposely for commuting need, always tend to forget to service the car ACs before summer, and end up hassling with the AC knobs to cool as fast as possible. To avoid such circumstances, mentioned here are some tips, stated how to use the car’s AC effectively in order to save bucks as well as time, and also enjoy a cool breeze while driving.

First thing first, always park the car in shade. The sunbeam makes the cabin a heated furnace, and so the AC may not find itself capable enough to eschew the heat and fill-in the pleasant air. And we knew how difficult it is to find a shaded parking spot every time. If not succeed in getting a one with complete shade, then opt for a space which at least draws a shade during the afternoon, or at least half of the time the car is parked. This would aide in reducing the green-house gas effects on the car. The least, if not possible to get the shaded at any cost, then use the films and other articles on the windshield and windows to avert sunlight entering the cabin and heating up the entire area.

Tips to Effectively Use the Car Air-Conditioner

However, if all the efforts had failed of safeguarding the car in shade, and you have to drive the car with that heat, then avoid switching the AC just after getting inside. Wait for some time, and let the car exhales the heat what it has sucked, we mean drive the car without AC for a mile. Before pushing that AC button on, make sure a 90-degree turn had been crossed in the speed of 25-30kph with all the windows open to fly out the heat from one side of the window due to inertia, and also let in fresh air from the other end.

This is the most commonly sensed idea, like the fact common sense is very uncommon; we too may have evaded this one from our memory. Always start the AC in low then gradually increase its speed. Starting on a high is like someone wakes you up in the mid of the dead night and had asked to go to office with full enthusiasm. The best way is to control the temperature and blower for gaining the maximum outputs in the initial minutes.

This is one for a mid stage; note it, once the AC started blowing on our faces, turn ON the Recirculation Mode. In the gist, the AC system won’t suck air from the outside and it will use the one present in the cabin. and as a result, the cabin air would start getting cooler, the system will work less to further cool that one down instead of continuously cool the one sucked from outside.

Now, this tip is for the last stage when reached destination. Don’t shut off the engine before killing off the AC. To be a bit precise, shut off the AC quite a distance before the destination and let the fan do its task for a while. It’s not simply mentioned here to cut on the fuel-expenses, but a technical reason to be the main reason behind this action. When the AC is in work, we are well-versed with the water formation under the car coming from the evaporator, which also stays cool minutes after the AC is switched off. Due to its tendency of remaining ice cold, when turned off, and the hot air passes over it condensation takes place and water droplets start forming on its fins. To the rescue, when the fan is laid ON it dries out the condensation around evaporator and its surrounding, which in turn also avoid the bacteria formation and that dirty smell which occurs due to dampness.

Hopefully, the aforesaid tips will guide you to upkeep the AC for a longer time. Here, posted below are the small nips and tuck that are “also” meant to be taken care of.

Once a year make sure the air filter are replaced and also don’t skip the periodic schedule of maintenance. Ask service personnel to spray some anti-bacterial substances into the AC’s ducts and vents.

Importantly, if felt the need to replace the refrigerant, always opt for a certified dealership that only stocks original replacements for your vehicle.

Last but not the least, the AC is meant to take a charge on the fuel-consumption, which also affects the engine to an extent, so maintain precision when using them, with also a favour of responsibility to be shown for it. And don’t try to make you’re car an igloo when outside the temperature is matching the daytime of an arid desert. It’s for the reason that, human body is not meant to handle an extreme variation of temperatures, with the very low temperature inside when stepped outside the heat may get you fainted. 24-degree Celsius (75 F) is enough to stay pleasant inside the car, safe and dry.

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