Tips to safeguard your car from getting stolen: Part 1

Staying in India is not everybody’s cup of tea, and especially when you have the car to steer around in the neighborhood then the scenario becomes more diligent for you to counter the evidential situation of India. It must be strange for one to think why this time we are dwelling such temperament in our driving-tips section. Well, it is for one to make clear that what the worst can happen to him when he stays in India, and when he has the car, matter gets to be noted very seriously. Here we are not dwelled to horrify your thoughts; instead our motto is to get the further proceedings of this article to be mellowed in your context very swiftly. Without any delay, here we are present to tell how to save your car from getting stolen. This is not some stupendous fact we had taken on this section, but looking at the latest report of National Crime Record Bureau it is convinced, 44.36% of the total ‘theft’ cases are said to be of the ‘car theft’ in India. And if it is being termed in specific numbers, then it is accounted for 1,51,200 cases in the whole country. These aforementioned numbers are chalked out by the said agency in the year 2011, which is being the latest account till date with them. Adding more fuel to the already burning sensation, only 24.2% of the stolen cars are recovered. Thus, the recovery had still not reached the exact 25%. Now we hope you had gotten what we had been trying to convey to you in the initial stances.

Here, this article is being slated in to two parts, one that is of today’s posting, which will reveal about the tricks you can get the car safe from getting stolen, and the second one will name the gadgets that will help you to do the same too. Penning down the practical activities of preventing the one’s car form getting stolen, we had talked with a lot of people, and most of them are police officials who handle this sort of cases (i.e. car thefts), whilst the second type is counselors. Latter personalities will conclude a whole bunch of contribution in our second part, while now the former one had said a lot for to us for us in making this more useful to our readers. Before kicking off the start point, let us brief a notation about what happens to the car after getting stolen, and what does it makes the thief to nag out smartly without leaving any trace so that anyone else could follow him. Not so very scientific, the stolen vehicle get spared into pieces and then before police officials reaches the spot in morning, the car would have gone out of the respective state or respective city in the spare parts cluster. Hence, by following this route no one gets doubted about the theft getting converted into cash booty and even nobody can smell the fishy aura behind this scene, in actual when the cash is being collected after the selling of loot. Well, this was just backend of scene that what happens with ones car when it being stolen, further mentioned points is the practical tips that will lend you how to sound safe from such instances.

Tips to safeguard your car from getting stolen Part 1

Don’t send an invite to thieves:

Most of us do have a habit that we leave the keys behind in the car after turning off the ignition, and sometimes we keep the ignition on as well and move out of our car for some emergence without pulling out the key from keyhole. And this sends an invite to the thief that you are a careless person and he can easily make some cool cash out of your metal. Thieves need no time to snatch your car in this position and flee away the spot. Or otherwise, if he will not flee that particular time, then he would look for you next time, if he knows you particularly, that when you would make some more hefty pitches for him to get a chance to sponge on the cake very easily. So avoid this if you had, and take along your car keys with you, after switching off the ignition, the next time when you would step out of the car that maybe even for short while also.

Don’t leave your identifications inside the car:

As per to this note, we want to convey don’t leave your identifications a well as you car’s identifications inside the (car’s) cabin, from which the thief can utilize it to sell your vehicle very easily. This identifications fix includes driving license, or any kind of the registration papers which tell the details about the owner of car. If the thieve manages to get those important documents with your car, then his job would become so easy, that in case you find yourself in the false situation whenever you go to drag him in the legal battle. It’s better to carry those papers with you, rather than leaving those behind you in the car cabin.

Seal your car to the fullest:

Before going out of the cabin, ensure that all the doors are closed and the boot is also properly locked. Well, this is not an issue for the sedan owners, but it falls heavy to the people who owns vehicle like SUVs and hatchbacks. It is because they had the five doors to see into it. And out of it, four of them are easily accessible, but the rear is quite difficult to ensure every now and then. Thanks to the door indications available on most of the vehicles today, but still there are many in markets which are not being bestowed with the same. In addition, do also look that all the windows are rolled up properly. Nowadays, most of the thefts that are taking placed in India are due to the creepy loophole left behind after the rolled-up window. And the thief utilizes this opportunity to unlock your door dropping inside a very fine string or the similar type metal.

Park the car in well lighted parking spot:

Parking the car in sleazy type of environment is not advisable at all. Do look for the spot that are well lighted and cool enough to be friendly with your car. However, we know there are some stances when the person had to leave the vehicle in such drastic areas for some reasons, but we assure if this is your daily routine then change it and select a proper one even though if it is a bit far from your desired destination. Better to be this distance safe rather than getting annoyed after the fall of uncertainty. One more addition we would like to do with this point is, in the dark there is a possibility that, in spite of the car being not stolen then some miscreants may damage your car for some of their foolish reason. Or even in India this type of case is also seen the cars remains intact and all the tyres are being stolen from it which is quite enough for the thieves to bank upon easily and make a cool party out of it.

Never leave the valuables behind:

Yes, here we do mean every valuable, not only jewels and such but instead your laptop and mobile phones too. There is a two possibility for it to cause an uncertainty in this scenario. One, the thieve may want to get your valuables from inside which is peeping through the window, and to own it those, he may then open the car. And in the case if he succeeds doing this then what is the surety that he may not steal your car too. And in other worst case, if your car is stolen those other important information that is stored in your phone and notebook may also get carried to the outer world. In the era of advancements, car thieves are no lesser dumb, they know what values for how much and who can pay the exact price.

Don’t lend your key fob in the suspicious hands:

Actually we should have mentioned this point in the beginning only, lest it says, if in your know-bouts there is a person whom you doubt a lot, then don’t lend your key fob to him/her even in any of the emergency case as well. It sounds weird for many of us, but really if you want to help that person during some critical situation then the drive yourself and get him sorted out, or send the chauffeur/trustworthy escort with him to ease his streaking issues. Don’t take a slight chance to lend the key fob in such suspicious hands. And apart from this, we also suggest, do keep the fob in your pocket only, don’t let them out in the open air ground much, and specifically when you are sitting with some other personnel and known persons.

Call the police if found suspicious activity around the car:

Yes, if one found any of the suspicious activity had been happened around his car or maybe with the car itself, without wasting any moment he should call the police for help at immediate point. This will help the person to understand what had happened to his vehicle in a jiff by the police officials. And some of this damage may also land you in the spot where you can claim your right against the miscreant in the future if he is got caught.

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