Top Cars used in Hollywood Movies of 2012

Cars are often a priority for the main leads in Hollywood movies. This quotient remains unbiased for villains as well. James Bond, Batman and other iconic characters are completed only through such metals. Sometimes they also enacts as a character in motion pictures.

However, lead actresses also feel jealous with such mean machines. These gorgeous beauties don’t tend to part the 70mm marquee with them.

We had made a list of top four cars which were used in 2012 Hollywood movies that braced up the entire macho factor to envy beautiful girls.

  • Aston Martin DB 5 – Skyfall

Aston Martin DB 5

  • Acura NSX Concept – The Avengers

Avengers Acura NSX

Lamborghini Aventador in Batman

  • Ford Taurus SHO – Men In Black 3

Ford Taurus SHO In Men In Black 3

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