Top Gear positions the Indestructible HM Ambassador as the best taxi in the globe

In a worldwide cab shootout carried out by Richard Hammond of Top Gear United Kingdom, the popular and adored HM Ambassador topped the list and declared as the most excellent taxi in the globe.

Possessing its ground in opposition to cabs from nations such as Mexico, South Africa, America, Germany, Britain, Russia- the Hindustan Motors Ambassador invited admirations from United Kingdom -based motor repository Beaulieu named as the iconic vehicle as ‘permanent’ and quoted “It’s so hard-hitting that, even though it now lives in World of Top Gear, with a speedy wash and polish, it could hit markets tomorrow”.

Based on the Morris Oxford 3, the Amby (as lovingly named) primarily began rolling out of the company’s facility in the year 1958 with the initial revamped Ambassador Mark 2 being introduced to our then PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Top Gear positions the Indestructible HM Ambassador as the best taxi in the globe
Afterward being no less than a class symbol and the delight of its possessors, the Ambassador in the current time only exists in memories of its former magnificence.

On a different note, it’s really scary to witness an iconic vehicle as the Amby going through a tough phase, rather won’t be incorrect to state that the vehicle is on its last phase towards extinction.

Hindustan Motors attempting to revitalize the brand by rolling out a pickup edition is no less than an insult to the legendary vehicle. We anticipate the company takes heart from this positive news and functions towards reinstating magnificence the cab fairly deserves.

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