Top Selling SUV In India For The Month Of September 2021

Top Selling SUV In India For The Month Of September 2021

There are a lot of us Old-School Enthusiast, who still define the SUV with its ladder on frame chassis, turbo diesel engines and 4WD wizardry and since the evolution of the mid size SUVs, the sales of Big Daddy SUVs have slightly dipped as compared to olden SUV era. So, let’s have a look at how these mammoth SUVs performed in terms of sales in September. 

In this video, we talk about the Best Selling SUVs of September. The Mahindra Thar remains at the top position, followed by The Mahindra Scorpio, the Toyota Fortuner, the Tata Safari, the Mahindra Alturas G4, the MG Gloster, & the Ford Endeavour.

Sitting at the throne at 1st position is the Mahindra Thar, The Thar is the epitome of SUV definition with its 4WD tricks up the sleeve and not just the millennials but even the adults in their mid life crisis are simping over the Thar. With its long waiting period, Mahindra managed to sell 3134 units in September.

Leaving room for the 2nd position for its elder sibling, The Mahindra Scorpio. Despite its dated design and features, the brand was able to sell 2588 units in the month of September.

At No. 3 is the Official Bully SUV of India, the Toyota Fortuner. The Fortuner sold 1869 units in September, seeing a decline in sales from 2387 sold in August. With the festive season round the corner, like always we expect the Fortuner to pick up the sales in the coming weeks.

The OG of SUVs- The Tata Safari comes at 4th position, the Safari sold a round figure sale of 1500 units in September. Tata also launched two special limited edition Safari last month, boosting its sales.

Moving down the list at 5th position is the MG Gloster, The Gloster has not really been able to change the minds of the segment buyers as it still lags behind at 292 units sold in September. The Gloster offers premium features and finish to the buyers, but I guess that’s not just enough to convince someone to put their hard earned 40 Lakh rupees, as it will need to prove it’s worth in the segment.

Further down, sits the forgotten Mahindra Alturas G4, the updated new Rexton. The Alturas has sold just 51 units in September and has not been able to even hit the three digit sales figure. With such low sales, it would not be a surprise if Mahindra decides to pull the plug on the sales of The Alturas.

Sadly, sitting at the last is the Ford Endeavour. Once dominating the segment, The Endeavour sold 0 units in September, since Ford announced to stop local manufacturing of their products.  Since last month, Ford has only been clearing their existing stock and not producing any new vehicles or selling them.

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