Top Selling SUVs in The Month Of October 2021 In India

Top Selling SUVs in The Month Of October 2021 In India

Top Selling SUVs, Google says this is one of the most frequently asked question (FAQ) on YouTube and Google search engines. Answering those FAQ’s In this video, we will tell you about the Top Selling SUVs of October.

If you have made a contribution to the sales figure by buying any of these SUVs, do let us know in the comments, which SUV did you buy & Why ?

The Mahindra Alturas G4, ranks 7th on our leaderboard and sold just 40 units this month and has not been able to even hit the three digit sales figure. As we had said earlier that Mahindra might pull the plug on the sale of the Alturas, we’re already hearing news about Mahindra selling the ‘Ssangyong’ brand, which would mean bidding farewell to the Alturas. 

Moving up the list is the MG Gloster, which ranks 6th this month as it sold 260 units, even lesser than September. Despite offering premium features and creature comforts, the Gloster with its price & brand tag is unable to appeal to the segment buyers. 

The OG of SUVs- The Tata Safari secured  5th position, the Safari sold 1735 units this month, seeing a slight increase in the sales. Tata also launched two special limited edition Safari last month, boosting its sales.

The Toyota Fortuner secures 4th position and has sold 1893 units in October . The Fortuner sold 1869 units in September and has seen a very slight increase in the sales. 

Up next is every Millennial and Off-Road enthusiast’s choice – the Mahindra Thar, the Thar ranks 3rd this month, losing the podium position and leaving space for its elder siblings the Scorpio and the latest launch from Mahindra-The XUV 700. The Thar sold 2692 units this month, seeing a dip in sales.

Leaving room for its elder sibling, The Mahindra Scorpio ranks 2nd this month despite its dated design and features, the brand was able to sell 3304 units this month, the Scorpio enthusiasts have been waiting for the upcoming all-new Scorpio, which is supposed to launch later next year. 

Securing the 1st position on our list, The Mahindra XUV 700, does not surprise us at all. 

Receiving such high volumes of bookings and appreciation from the enthusiasts, The XUV 700 was bound to top our list. The XUV 700 sold 3407 units this month, Mahindra had started delivering the XUV 700 on 30th October, So technically It has beaten the sales figures of all the other SUVs, by selling 3407 units in just two days.

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