Tour de France: Skoda takes charge of main sponsorship for the 9th time

The famous proverb explaining sticking to roots irrespective of what you actually are now seems to hold true for Skoda. Skoda came into existence with bicycle manufacturing in 1895. The automaker has once again associated itself with bicycle segment by being the main sponsor of the 2012 Tour de France. This is the 9th time that the Czech automaker has exhibited its support for the race.

The Czech automaker seems to be actively participating in providing vehicles and promotions of the campaign too. The main sponsor of the race has provided its 110 vehicles for the 2012 Tour de France, including Skoda Citigo to Skoda Superb. In fact the Tour director, Christian Prudhomme will be gazed in a red Skoda Superb. As far as the promotions of the 2012 Tour de France is concerned, Skoda is reported to have taken the charge of the department. It termed the promotion campaign as “CaravanePublicitaire”. Skoda cars have always attracted consumer attention. No matter how small or big the carsare, they have always succeeded in being an attraction. This is the sole reason why a fleet of Skoda cars (the caravan) will be seen moving a little ahead of time of the race.

Skoda takes charge of main sponsorship for the 9th time

Apart from promoting cycling, Skoda has been seen participating in promoting ice-hockey as well in the past. The automaker has actually judged the wide mass participation of visitorscorrectly. It discovered the Tour de France to be a perfect platform to exhibit its brand value. Taking viewership into account, the Tour comes just after Olympics and the soccer World Cup, which means that the automaker will be sponsoring a sports event with third highest television viewership across the globe.

The 2012 Tour de France had its flag off from Liègeon 30th June. The 23 days’ long cycling event will cover a cycling distance of 3497kms. The Tour will come to an end for the year on July 22nd at Paris Boulevard of Champs-Elysées.

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