Toyota and BMW Ties will see a New Sports Car soon

Last week we have updated about the handshake between Toyota and BMW for the development of hydrogen cell to power future cars, now news points us with some more clauses added to the ties between both carmakers.

Apart from the fuel-cell development, lightweight technology research and the tech of lithium-air battery, we also learnt that both parties had agreed to develop a joint platform concept for mid size sports car which is meant to be launch in the end of 2013. No further information on it, expectations are more of a Celica-like new comer as Toyota was trying hard from long back to bring in the new generation of it.

There is no stopping in the auto lane of global industry, this had made duos to sign some more paper works mentioning BMW diesel jags for Toyota in Europe and a long perception in the field of future vehicle enabled with environmental friendly characteristics.

Toyota And BMW Announce Sports Car

Toyota and BMW

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