2013 Parx Super Car Show kicks off in Mumbai

Gautam Singhania unfolds the 2013 Parx Super Car Show in Mumbai. It was over- loaded with beauties from every corner of the world. There were some vintage as well, which landed us in their beautiful memories. Gautam’s personal collection was also a part of the turf.

Super beauties ranging from Rolls Royce to Lamborghini and from Y2K-jet engine powered bike to Legendary Singhania’s drift car, everybody cheered us with their mean but thrilling edges. Aventador Roadster, which was launched yesterday at 4.77 crore INR, also wowed the crowd with his promising grunts.

2013 Parx Super Car Show

Being CMD of Raymond Group and also a top brass of Super Car Club, Gautam Singhania addressed the cheering lot with many engine start-ups. Our favourite vibe was of Y2K which produces similar noise as of an airplane. No one can differentiate between the high flier and two-wheeler on basis of its sharpened melody. This is only the one of its kind in India, so missing it will never get you back again in a lifetime

Overall, a couple of Maserati and Mercedes Benz G 55 were glamorizing the event with Aston Martin V8 Vantage and newly launched Audi R8.

Parx Supercar Show

More thrills are expected tomorrow as well, so stay tuned on our website to catch the beauties in performance.

For last, Rolls Royce Phantom too surfaced on red carpet after a long time, as it seems like Ghost is repeatedly doing attempts to deploy its bulky sibling.

Parx Supercar Show 2013

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