Toyota Etios Cross vs Volkswagen Cross Polo: Specifications Comparison

Crossover or Hatchback – is quite a difficult question to answer. Judging between the Cross Polo and Etios Cross, yet they are new to the market, and not many samples of the “hatchback turned crossover” are present around the world, we Indians are from the first set of customers to experience this of sort segmentation. Hence, world is waiting for our response to see how they fare in actual life, and so to decide, the VW & Toyota hatchback turned crossovers are taken into account for specifications comparison on our blog.


Volkswagen Cross Polo was launched for Rs 7.75 lakh ex-showroom Delhi in a single diesel variant, while the Toyota Etios Cross comes tagged at Rs 7.4 lakh ex-showroom Delhi for the VD top-end diesel trim. Hopefully, not many differences can be noticed between the pricing of both.

Toyota Etios Cross vs Volkswagen Cross Polo Specifications Comparison


Under the hoods Volkswagen Cross Polo is donned with 1199cc 3-cylinder diesel engine. Toyota Etios Cross cranks up a bigger 1364cc 4-cylinder engine. The big in size of Toyota crossover is tuned to deliver maximum power of 68 PS @ 3800 rpm, where being small in size the VW hatchback turned crossover bolsters slightly more power of 75 PS @ 4200 rpm. The pulling power, we mean torque, too is better on the VW side with number showing maximum of 180Nm @ 2000rpm. The Japanese car does the pulling with 170Nm @ 1800-2400 rpm. The number of gears remains same on both, 5-speed manual.


Volkswagen Cross Polo measures 3987mm, just some millimeters short than the full size of 4 meter. The Toyota Etios Cross falls short here at 3775 mm. The breadth measures 1695 mm, while the Cross Polo gains brownies with the 1698mm width. For the next, VW is slightly budge in height, measures 1474mm, where the Japanese measure a nip over at 1510 mm. For the last, wheelbase of Volkswagen’s badge gets defeated by a difference of hair at 2456mm wheelbase, where the Toyota crosses the mark with 2460 mm, a mere gap of 4mm.


The final words make it clearly visible, the Volkswagen ticked more boxes with the maximalist attitude on numbers front. And rightly it also had the loads of features than the other one, that too with qualitative experience. On the other side, the Toyota Etios Cross is the best value for money, ranging from the designing aspect and aesthetics, but despite the value recovered from the car it too doesn’t comes lugged with standard ABS and airbags like that of Cross Polo, and barely covers any safety.

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