Toyota Hilux 2022 Review | SWOT Analysis Review | Toyota Hilux vs Isuzu V-Cross |

Toyota Hilux 2022 Review | SWOT Analysis Review | Toyota Hilux vs Isuzu V-Cross |

We review the upcoming pickup truck, the Toyota Hilux. The Toyota Hilux has been in production since 1968 and is finally being launched in India. We will review strength, weakness, opportunities and threats for Hilux. Read to find out our SWOT analysis.


  • Powerful Engine

The Hilux pickup is powered by the same 2.8L turbocharged diesel engine that powers the Fortuner. This engine generates 204 HP. This engine when paired to the 6-Speed manual gearbox produces 420 Nm of torque, whereas, with the 6-Speed Torque Converter Automatic, it is capable of producing a massive torque figure of 500 Nm. Although do not be disheartened, as in the manual transmission, you can experience the torque between 1400-3400 RPMs. Whereas the torque delivery in the automatic transmission is limited between 1600-2800 RPMs. So, the automatic transmission does get higher torque figures but a narrow powerband. 

  • 4×4 Features

The Hilux comes well equipped with all 4-Wheel Drive wizardry necessary to tackle any serious off-road situation. The Hilux comes with an Electronic Locking Differential, Active Traction Control & a segment-first feature of Limited Slip Differential.  

  • Indesctrubile Chassis

The Toyota Hilux is known for its indestructible build quality. To prove it so, Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear, conducted unimaginable tests. The Top Gear team had parked the Hilux on the seabed during high tides, parked it on the rooftop of a building to be demolished, and guess what, the Hilux still had life left in it, it was driven to their studios in the very condition. This really acts as a strength for the Hilux, as with our road infrastructure and the off-road beatings, we Indians do need something as solid as the Hilux. 

  • Safety Features

The Hilux is at par in the safety department as well, it receives a 5-star safety rating from the ASEAN NCAP. It comes with 7 airbags, hill start & hill descent assist, hill hold & downhill assist, front & rear parking sensors with indication & Isofix mounts for baby seats. 

  • Modern Interiors &  Features

The Hilux borrows the interior layout from the Fortuner, which means it gets luxurious and modern features. The cabin gets soft upholstery, a Dual Zone AC, 8” Touch infotainment system with Apple CarPlay & Android Auto. It also gets a Voice recognition system & cruise control.


  • 2.8L Turbo-Diesel Engine
  • 204 HP & 420/500 Nm (MT/AT)
  • Electronic Locking Differential & Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
  • 5-Star Safety Rating – ASEAN NCAP
  • 7 Airbags, Isofix Mounts for Baby Seats
  • Dual Zone AC, Cruise Control, Apple CarPlay-Android Auto


  • Price

The Hilux is expected to launch at a price upwards of Rs 30 lakhs, which makes it much more expensive than the Isuzu V-Cross, surely it is well kitted and offers more features, but at a hefty premium. The one and the only reason why Hilux will manage to garner high sales figures is the reliability and resale value of Toyota’s. If not for the resale value, Hilux would have been a big gamble for the brand.

  • Visibility for Off-Roading

No doubt the Hilux is a good performer over rough terrain, but a minute fly in the ointment is the visibility from the driver’s seat. Toyota offers a commanding position but at a cost of off-road visibility. Had the bonnet lines dipped a little, it would have enhanced the confidence while off-roading. 


  • Isuzu V-Cross Price – Rs 19-25 Lakhs (ex-showroom)


  • More Colour Options

It is only offered in five colours,  missing out on important colours like black.

  • Alloy Wheels – It borrows the same 18” Alloy wheels from Fortuner. It should definitely get a new  & beefier alloy wheel that would enhance the visual appeal of the pickup truck. 
  • Petrol Engine – Considering the switch towards Petrol & EV vehicles, Toyota can also offer the Petrol powered Hilux, which are famous in the global markets. As the high powered petrol engines will definitely raise some interest around the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. 


  • Colour Options- Emotional Red, White Pearl, Silver Metallic, Super White & Grey Metallic
  • Hilux also gets 2.0, 2.7 & 4.0 L Petrol Engines Globally


Isuzu V-Cross

The only threat that the Toyota Hilux faces is the Isuzu V-Cross. It has been a good pickup truck in India and has translated well into sales figures. It was the vehicle that created the concept of lifestyle pickups in India. 

So to conclude the SWOT analysis review of the Hilux, we can say that the Toyota Hilux is a very capable off-roader that offers a lot more power, comfort and safety features than the Isuzu V-Cross, but a hefty premium. The off-road features that the V-Cross misses out on, can easily be fitted on the pickup with reliable aftermarket accessories. 

Even after modifying the V-Cross with all the hardcore off-road accessories, you will still be left out with lots of cash. So, the ball’s in your court, if you are looking out for a comfortable, reliable and modern pickup truck and the price tag does not bother your wallet, then the Hilux is a perfect match for you and is worth each and every penny, but if you are looking for a lifestyle pickup on a budget with amazing off-road capabilities, then the Isuzu V-Cross is all that you need.

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