Toyota selects drivers for the first season of Etios Motor Racing Series

The hunt for the best racers for Toyota is finally over. The Etios Motor Racing (EMR) has finalized 40 most efficient racers ofthe country and they all are set for the race which is soon going to take place. The age group of the racers was from 15 to 24 years and thus the best of the young crowd was witnessed during the entire selection process.

The company’s Deputy Managing Director Marketing Mr. Sandeep Singh is the brain behind the racing event. The response that Toyota received all over India was overwhelming and thus the company is pretty much excited to race the Etios.

The EMR is scheduled to take place in August and October this year and the companies as well the racers are looking forward to the event. The entire selection process was divided into three sections and the most experienced individuals were training the young aspiring racers.

Toyota selects drivers for the first season of Etios Motor Racing Series

The first round of selection took place with the help of online registration where Toyota received 3300 applications. It was difficult to choose from so many applicants. The first round took place in Pune, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore and to make the work of the company easy many big names like Leelakrishnan, Nawaz Sandhu, Karandeep Sandhu, Amittrajit Ghosh and Karna Kandur were associated. The list of 3300 applicants was reduced to 70 when each applicant was supposed to drive eight laps. The laps were designed by Red Rooster so that the best of the driving capabilities can be displayed. The drivers were rated between 0 and 10 and the evaluators had a tough time to do so.

After the first camp, the second camp was held in Bangalore where the 70 selected racers were competing among themselves to get selected for the last and the final round. Before that they were trained and judged by the top most evaluators with racing background. There were names like Ram Narayan, Anish Ratham, Karna Kandur and Leela Krishnan. In Camp 2, the racers were divided in the group of five and time was the guiding factor in this round.

Next and the last camp, termed as Camp Three, the 40 best racers were selected from camp two. These racers were given the best of the training and the driving secrets. These 40 racers were the racers of EMR. The sample racing was onthe Madras Race Track which was for two days and an extensive monitoring was conducted by racing gurus like Ram Narayan, Karna Kandur, Amittrajit Ghosh and Rahul Kantharaj. In this camp, the best 25 were selected to race for the final Etios Motor Racing (EMR) Competition. These 25 racers were selected on the basis of lap timing and the consistency in their performance.

We wish each of them the best of luck and may the best one win the event called EMR.

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