Toyota showcases Hybrid Concept car teaser

Toyota showcased sketch of the FT-Bh concept car, a Toyota’s idea for a light weight hybrid car with low emissions and high fuel efficiency. The car is to debut at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show in March this year.

Toyota said that the FT-Bh concept uses ‘total vehicle’ approach at reducing emissions and achieving high fuel efficiency in an affordable city car. The engineers claim that the car uses no fancy material or manufacturing method in the making of this Hybrid car.

Toyota showcases Hybrid Concept car teaserToyota is also to showcase the production ready Yaris Hybrid. This hatchback runs on Toyota’s Hybrid synergy drive and is slated to be launched in June as Europe’s first fully hybrid supermini.

Showcased at the Tokyo Motor Show earlier, as the Fun-Vii will also be showcased in Geneva Motor Show as the Diji Concept. This car’s entire body serves as a display unit and the driver has selection of display for color of interior as well as exterior.

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