Traffic Light Assist by Audi to Ensure Smooth Flow of Traffic

Audi’s technological development hasn’t stopped yet. The last one we reported about the Android tablet of Audi unveiled at CES 2014, now it’s the dashboard to go smart with the feature called ‘Traffic Light Assist’.

Went by its name, the Traffic Light Assist system warns the driver about the red light of signal and counts seconds till it turns green. Hope so, its smartness counts at the moment when it warns the driver about the further falling red phase on the route. The system is still said to be under testing criteria, while its glimpse was displayed at CES 2014.

The main motive of bricking up this initiative was to smooth the momentum of driving in metropolitan cities. On the flipside, it is also said to get better fuel-efficiency for cars and low emissions of CO2, due to encroachment towards brake pedal in steady manner.

The test of same is being concluded in the cities of Ingolstadt and Berlin of Germany. Some of the engineers are also reported to have been conducting the same in Verona of Italy.

Traffic Light Assist by Audi

The system is being developed by taking assistance from the signal planting agencies of metropolitan cities, with regards to the timing of particular signal gaining red and green phases to ensure perfect functioning of cars.

The planning of same going into production is not decided yet, but will do the appreciations soon on their cars, said Audi.

“Information from the traffic light systems is transmitted to the car and visualized as graphic images on the driver information system display. They show the driver the speed to select in order to reach the next traffic light during a green phase. Acoustic signals also warn the driver in advance of red phases”, said Audi in a statement.

Traffic Light Assist by Audi to Ensure Smooth Flow of Traffic

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