TVC of Force Gurkha Is Out: A Must Watch Video

Gurkha is the ray of hope for Pune based carmaker ‘Force’ and to make it a success TVC route is mandatory these days; but ads tend to be encrypted in the very relative manner for co-relating product to audience’s mindset.

Lest of those management guise, it is inform you that, the TVC of newly launched Gurkha is out and is really precise on all aspect. The SUV is seen performing stunts with complete off road capabilities which was not at least expected from the Force Motors, but seems that it will do better when this video will reach masses. A problem occurs here is, the automaker made Gurkha available in BS 3 complaint and therefore it did not meant to outdo those metro junkies for the time-being, unless and until BS 4 version is rolled out in market. But if still one has to buy it now, then he may carry out registration formalities in the outskirts and then roll it in bigger cities.

Force Gurkha

As per market research, it is revealed that Force Motors had not yet delivered even display vehicles to dealerships, but to contradiction, the carmaker is receiving bookings in spite of the unavailable test-ride mules. Meanwhile, it is also not yet revealed that when the buyers will be bestowed with their buggies.

Force Gurkha SUV is basically a three door-ed 5-seater being powered by 2.6 liter 4 cylinder turbocharged and intercooled diesel jag that produces 80 Bhp-230 Nm of torque. On an exclusive note, Gurkha shares the same platform of Mercedes Benz Glendwagen and does also embed option of soft top. One can choose from the 4×2 and 4×4 under its soft-skin. On other flip, Force too claims differential locks as provided with 5 speed manual gearbox.

One can drive home the new Force SUV for just Rs. 6.25 lakh (ex showroom Delhi).

We hope that military officials would also be watching this video, because Gurkha looks more helpful to them rather than civilians.

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