New Engineering and Innovation Center of Tata in US Unveils eMO-C Electric Van

Tata nowadays is looking for the untamed boundaries in its 2013 to-do list and this time it had forayed Troy, Michigan with Engineering and Innovation Center where the place is already flooded with world renowned carmakers.

That is not an end; this Indian carmaker also unveiled an electric van named as eMO-C which can prove beneficiary for pizza deliveries and such sorts of chores. Just to brief up, eMO stands for electric mobility, that is but obvious, and C for commercial, as it can be easily framed from the appearance. eMO-C is derived from eMO concept that was being held on the Detroit paddock in last January, while it is still not out for sale but rendered to “engineering study” itself.

Tata reveals eMO-C electric van
Based on different modules, a run of 80 kms, 160 kms and 240 kms are taken into account as per the various charging criteria. It is also said that, eMO-C will pass on all the rules and guidelines of regulatory machinery inclusive of stringent North American safety regulations.

New Tata reveals eMO-C electric van
Tata eMO-C is expected to range in between $ 15,750 (Rs. 8,50,500) and $ 23,750 (Rs. 12,82,500) whilst of running cost at less than 2 cents (Rs. 1.08)/mile.

Tata reveals eMO-C electric van Back View
Lastly, the new training center houses 60 engineers in present which is expected to rise up till 100 by end of this year. Those professionals belong to India, Europe and North America and are led by Kevin Fisher who guide them towards eMO or EV like concept.

2013 Tata reveals eMO-C electric van

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