Under Production Aegea Renamed Egea by Fiat

The 2015 Istanbul Motor Show saw the revealing of the Aegea, which is the four-door sedan from Fiat and news is now coming in that Fiat will be renaming it before the official launch. The company had already hinted at the show that they would be giving a new name to car once the launch was closer and have now confirmed that indeed it will be referred to as the “Egea”, that is, without the “A” in its name.

To be powered by two petrol engines and two Fiat Multi Jet II diesel engines in various tuning states, the car is likely to deliver between 94bhp and 118bhp in terms of power. It has already been spotted doing production runs in Turkey, where it will be launched first and has looked quite impressive to begin with. The car measures in at 4.5 metres in length, 1.48 metres in height and about 1.78 metres in width. It also has a 2.64 metre long wheelbase.

Under Production Aegea Renamed Egea by Fiat

In terms of features, Fiat is looking to add automatic climate control, multi function steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity as well as a touchscreen infotainment system making it a complete package for the driver.

In terms of India plans, Fiat will look towards the Egea to do better than the Linea in the market. Fiat doesn’t really have much going for it in the Indian market now and a successful launch would go a long way in establishing the credibility of the brand in the country.

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