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It’s been a long time since we have been harping about used cars and how to go for them or which used car to buy and all. However there have been requests coming in from readers asking us if we can actually let them know as to which used car to go for, across all the segments. While some may prefer hatchbacks, the others would put their money on sedans or saloons. Lest we forget the SUV lovers, who don’t have enough money to put on a new SUV but can instead put their hard earned money on a used one. So barring all the segments, we have cut across the ties that classify if one should go for a sedan or a hatchback in the used market, we have listed them all out here. Not only do sedans boost one’s image in the market, they also are more comfortable than hatchbacks. SUVs do one better than both these and are also available at the same price in which some hatchbacks or sedans are made available in the used car market.

If you are in the market looking for a used hatchback, then you would be flooded with options galore. A used hatchback buyer would have a maximum budget of Rs 3.5 lakhs however it can be stretched to Rs 4 lakhs if he actually gets a very good deal. The first up option would be the Marutis which hold a good resale value plus are known for their low maintenance and efficiency. The Maruti Wagon R is the best buy amongst all Marutis at the used car outlet. Not only does it offer oodles of space inside the cabin with its tall boy design, it also ensures that it stays true to its Maruti values. A Maruti Wagon R from the 2004-2008 batch can easily be brought home for a price of Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 3.2 lakhs. Tata Indica, the Tata work horse from the 2006 to 2008 batch is a good alternative to the petrol engined Wagon R. With the 1.4 liter turbo diesel being not only a quick vehicle but also fun to drive, the sense of buying something good only heightens. Ignore the interior plastics and you get a very comfortable car with a decent boot. Prices are on the lower side with the used Indica from the 2006 batch going for as low as Rs 1.75 lakhs while the 2008 model fetches around Rs 2.25 lakhs. Hyundai’s long forgotten hatchback car, the Hyundai Getz (which has been discontinued now) is also a very spacious petrol engined buy for someone looking for a no frills Korean hatchback. Not only is it comfortable and spacious but also has a big boot. Decent performance means that you wouldn’t feel shortchanged at all. The Getz is available in both the petrol and diesel trims. The 1.3 or the 1.1 liter petrol motor can be had for as less as 2.25 lakhs. This for a car from the 2005-2008 batch. However the 1.5 CRDI engined car is available for a midge more. Its price would be rated at Rs 3 lakhs. Ford’s biggest hatchback till date in India, the Ford Fusion is a versatile and fun to drive car. Not only is the cabin spacious but it is also well built. Spare parts may be a problem for this car as it is discontinued now however used car prices are on the lower side. Moreover, it has got a good choice of both petrol and diesel engines. Rs 2.5 lakhs is the price quoted for a used Ford Fusion petrol from between the 2006-2009 batch. The diesel, though rare, is priced at a premium of Rs 50k than the petrol. The most upmarket car amongst the small hatchbacks which is available at a steal of a price is a used Skoda Fabia. This European hatch is not only spacious but has a good build quality coupled with well appointed interiors. Ride and handling are a class above as is the boot space. However spare parts are on the expensive side while service centers are said to be lackadaisical in their approach. However choice of petrol and diesel engines make this an alluring buy. A used Skoda Fabia from the 2008 or 2009 batch can be yours for only Rs 3.5 lakhs. The diesel variant would be slightly priced more than the maximum budget of Rs 4 lakhs with its price of Rs 4.2 lakhs. Last but not the least, the Chevrolet Aveo U-VA makes a good case for itself with its compact dimensions but big space inside. Decent performance from the 1.2 liter engine and acceptable fuel efficiency mean that that this hatch is also easy to run. Since it didn’t exactly set the sales chart on fire, used car prices are on the lower side with a 2006 model being available for as low as Rs 1.75 lakhs.

Moving onto the midsize cars, there are many cars which would beg you to take a hard look at them. The used car buyers in this segment would be having a budget of maximum Rs 5 lakhs. A used Ford Ikon would tempt you with its low price. Not only does it boast of having decent ergonomics, it is also one of the best cars which stays true to its driver focused nature. Decent fuel efficiency means that the Ford Ikon is one of the better buys. However it has earned quite a reputation for being expensive to maintain and having extremely poor resale value. A 2005 model would be yours for only Rs 1.2 lakhs while a 2008 model would be in the offing for not more than Rs 2.15 lakhs. The older diesels are better avoided while the 1.4 diesel which was introduced last year, if available in the market, would go for a much higher Rs 4 lakhs. Hyundai Accent has recently got a new face and this means resale value go plummeting in the used car market. The Korean has got quite a reputation for being reliable as also providing a decent cabin space. Maintenance costs are also on the lower side. However resale prices are also on the higher side. A 2008 used Hyundai Accent would be offered in the market for a price of Rs 3.2 lakhs while the one from the 2005 batch would be available for as low as Rs 2.10 lakhs. Cars which have been retrofitted with CNG kits better be avoided and also the CRDI version which was available earlier on in 2003. The Mitsubishi Lancer is a tuners delight and if you are more interested in show off stuff, then the used Mitsubishi Lancer would be a tempting proposition. It is not only spacious but low on maintenance. Avoid the diesel though as its reliability is questionable. Dying sales mean that resale values are also not good and hence a used Lancer from the 2006 batch would be available for as low as Rs 2.2 lakhs. CNG fitted examples would be available for a higher Rs 2.85 lakhs price. Chevrolet Optra is a very good buy for those looking for the status quotient plus having a bigger more spacious car. Why, even if you are on the lookout for a car which would be chauffer driven, the Optra makes a good case for itself. It has got nice interiors plus a name for reliability and also a huge spacious cabin. What more, it has even got a choice of diesel and petrol engines. The diesel is a rocket as far as performance is concerned and also is frugal at the pumps. The petrol is also a decent performer. Resale values due to the Chevrolet badge are a bit on the lower side though. A well maintained Optra from the 2006 batch is available for as low as Rs 3.86 lakhs while a 2009 model would be a handful at Rs 4.88 lakhs. Diesel would command a premium of Rs 35,000 more than the petrol engined one. Be it any segment, a Maruti car is always the best buy and there are two modern Maruti midsizers which are available. One is the Maruti Swift Dzire which with its blend of fuel economy and Maruti badge manages to command long waiting periods. No wonder finding a used specimen in the market is a very difficult task. It also has one of the highest resale values in its segment with a 2008 model petrol being priced at around Rs 5.3 lakhs while the diesel goes for Rs 5.7 lakhs. Next up is the Maruti SX4. This butch sedan is very well equipped and comfortable. Lower fuel efficiency than the Honda City means that this car doesn’t have a good resale value. Expect prices for a 2007 model to be around Rs 5 lakhs while a 2009 model would command Rs 6.1 lakhs. Diesel variants however wouldn’t be available as it was launched just a few months back. The Honda City is one of the most sought after sedans in this category. It not only promises good cabin space but also of a first class cabin. Its reputation as being a reliable car holds its way even in the used car market. This has got to be one of the best cars which holds its resale value well down the years. Don’t believe us? A used Honda City from the Hyper 16 age is available for Rs 2 lakhs and when we say Hyper16, it means from the 2000 batch. A 2006 or 2007 batch car would command over Rs 6 lakhs premium. Fuel efficiency would rival that of a performance hatch and at the same time performance is appropriate for a vehicle in this class.

Now comes the turn of luxury cars. A used luxury car is a good way to tell the others in your community that you have arrived in life. Buyers in this segment would have a diversified budget ranging from Rs 7 lakhs to Rs 13 lakhs. First up is the Toyota Corolla. It is renowned world over for its reliability and the Toyota badge. It is the most no-non sense car amongst the luxury car group. It has got a comfortable cabin, plenty of useful features and high resale value. No wonder that a used Toyota Corolla from the 2007 batch would be available in the market for Rs 5.3 lakhs while a more recent one from the 2009 batch would a bargain at a price tag of Rs 7.8 lakhs. The diesel variant, is priced significantly higher at Rs 8.77 lakhs in the used car market. The best place to check out is the Toyota U-Trust show rooms. The Honda Accord is one tuners delight car. It has the coveted Honda badge up ahead on the nose while the interior seems like a luxury yatch. It is comfortable, classy and also reasonably equipped. Though running cost may be on the higher side, it has also got bullet proof reliability to boast of. Its Honda badge ensures that resale values are also on the higher side. If you are the one who isn’t more interested in performance, then the 2.4 liter petrol motor should work fine for you. A 2005 used Honda Accord would be yours for as little as Rs 5.5 lakhs while the one from the 2008 batch would cost you Rs 7.3 lakhs. Another Honda, the Honda Civic is also a much coveted prize in the used car market. It has got fantastic interiors which still draw the attention at traffic lights and also has got a good performance fuel efficiency ratio. Its low ground clearance however is a big no-no. But get past that and you have a wonderful sedan at your disposal. High Honda resale values mean that a used Honda Civic of the 2007 batch would be yours for as low or high as Rs 5.3 lakhs while the one from the 2008 batch would command Rs 8 lakhs. The Czech maker Skoda offers two products in this category and both are highly desirable. One is the Skoda Octavia which is brought because of its stately looks and the other is its bigger brother, the Skoda Laura. The latter blends in style, solid build quality and also a comfortable ride quality to the equation. Interiors, needless to say, are top quality ones. Both the petrol and diesel motors are an absolute revelation, save for the 1.9 liter PD motor which is good enough but not exciting. However certain Skoda niggles like expensive spare parts and general apathy of the Service Center people remain. The Skoda Octavia from the 2007 batch commands well over Rs 6 lakhs while the Skoda Laura from the 2008 batch is priced at Rs 7.3 lakhs. If you want to show the world that you have arrived in life, what better way to announce it than getting a 3 pointed star up ahead of the bonnet? Yes, used Mercedes C class models are available within the Rs 12-13 lakhs budget. Well appointed feature rich cabin and good engine options ensure that a used Mercedes car remains a tempting buy. However there is always a fear of spare parts being ultra expensive and even a normal servicing costing more than Rs 25,000.

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