2015 Maruti Swift Dzire Facelift Launched For Rs 5.07 Lakh

Desire to own a Dzire is bound to be notched, as Maruti launched the facelift version of this entry-level sedan for a starting price of Rs 5.07 lakh ex-showroom Delhi. To say for this pricing, 2015 Swift Dzire facelift gets the styling revamps on front grille with chrome, front bumper, grown air dam, reshaped fog lamps with L-shaped aluminum inserts on the sides, black inserts in headlamps for a smoked-out appearance, refreshed wing mirrors, and ultimately the alloy wheels for the refinement.

From inside, this most sold sedan of Maruti retains the dual-tone dashboard, whereas the higher trims gets smart key, push-start button, electronic folding operation for exterior mirrors, reverse parking sensors, electromagnetic boot opening and closing, 12V sockets on front as well as rear, and a better music system with six-speakers and Bluetooth connectivity to complete the package. At the last on its cosmetic appeal, four of the exterior paint shades are added being shared with the Ciaz: Pearl Arctic White, Prime Pacific Blue, Alp Blue, Magma Grey, Silky Silver, Sangria Red and Cave Black.

2015 Maruti Swift Dzire Facelift Launched For Rs 5.07 Lakh

The crown of this new is yet to be revealed, as this time the company had went extra mile to get the so called most ‘fuel-efficient’ tag, where with the mileage of 26.59 kmpl claimed as per ARAI, it has surpassed even the Ciaz that once stood on the top of most fuel-efficient car in India with the number of 26.21 kmpl. Now, with the petrol trim, the efficiency number too has been increased from 19.1 kmpl to 20.85 kmpl.

  • Mentioned below are the price tags as per ex-showroom Delhi:


Maruti Swift Dzire LXi – Rs. 5.07 lakh

Maruti Swift Dzire LXi (O) – Rs. 5.20 lakh

Maruti Swift Dzire VXi – Rs. 5.85 lakh

Maruti Swift Dzire ZXi – Rs. 6.80 lakh


Maruti Swift Dzire LDi – Rs. 5.99 lakh

Maruti Swift Dzire VDi – Rs. 6.85 lakh

Maruti Swift Dzire ZDi – Rs. 7.81 lakh

In comparison to the prices of old version, it seriously comes out as the Z trim is hiked by Rs 26,000. Meanwhile, the most preferred V trims see notched prices upto Rs 16,000. Hopefully, the carmaker sells almost more than 17,000 units a month of Dzire, where now an added jewel of the most fuel-efficient car in the diesel category will definitely spruce up the oomph in sales figure over the coming months.

Used Maruti Swift vs New Datsun GO

Maruti Swift, the market leader of its segment that isn’t dethroned anytime despite heavy lash from number of rivals. Even the used car market has renounced its strong consistency throughout, which means the name is enough to cast a spell. Here, in this comparison, the used Swift and new Datsun GO are clashed against each other. Hence, the used model of 2012 make will be priced enough to take on the competition. However, as the 2015 Swift is about to enter the market, means there will be numerous examples to be available soon.

The Datsun GO rested with many expectations on the lap of Nissan. Re-launched the Datsun brand, company had aspired to enter the mass market without harnessing its existing image. GO hatchback is the only product in India and is offered in four trim levels. The top-end costs Rs 4,42,217 on-road Mumbai. The first hand review was impeccable; the long-term test could apparently do well. Sold enough to be seen on the roads, a detuned fully-fledged hatchback for the price of compact car isn’t disappointing either.


Engine dwelled under the bonnet of Swift is a 1.2-liter K-Series engine that clocks 86bhp and 114NM of torque. On the flipside, Datsun GO ounces the 1.2L Micra oriented motor in the detuned mode of 67bhp and 104NM.

As specifically, the used hatchback is more powerful and is reported to have a higher service cost, while the first Datsun to India falls economically on the pocket. Nissan is new to this low-cost fraternity so no long termers available for looking into the fray, while tried and tested throughout the time Swift fares better than the rest, other than GO, on the savings.

Used Maruti Swift vs New Datsun GO


Inside the cabin, Datsun GO hatchback is bare-basic with only the needful gimmicks planted from utilitarian perspective. The Swift on other side, the example that is couple of years old clocked near to 15-20k on the odo, doesn’t pose bad option for the bargain either. Major difference on both the cars is front seat, which is comprised of a bench from the classic cars in GO, and the gearshift too shifted on the panel instead of floor.

Swift is premium and comes loaded with all the needful tranquilities. Cabin is well insulated and the feel to it is captivated by beefy touches.

In fact, GO comparatively has airy and a lively feel, which the Swift as colored black inside and has raising waistline reduces the size of windows lends claustrophobic vibes to rear. The GO’s USB charging port and aux-in compatibility not make you feel left out of crowd that isn’t having the radio in any of its packages.

Used Maruti Swift vs New Datsun GO Interior

Drive Experience

Both the cars are not from the same cadre at least on paper, and obviously the Swift fares better for certain causes.

To a given cost in the new car market, as per to us Datsun Go is the best option. Gotten with complete hatchback flavor for the price of compact, it remains unbeatable. The top-speed and power delivery aren’t up for compromise here.

GO, like its name, can be stretched to the maximum. Despite the company claimed slightly lower numbers on spec-sheet, in rear world – unlike others – the Datsun fares better than what is mentioned of. Engine sound creeps in at after several RPMs making disturbances. To complement the better, power steering, central lock, power windows for front and many more are given.


The new car has its own admiration and the new Datsun GO couldn’t be replaced by a ‘used’ Swift. Though, they both come for almost the same price tag, at times the renounced used car dealer will also provide warranty for Maruti’s hatchback. GO will not make you face glitches over the next couple of years at least due its newness resulting peace of mind till then.

Used Maruti Swift vs New Datsun GO Back View

The Swift on other side is a buy from the heart option. Prominent attire and a very familiar front fascia that remarks everything else just in right proportion with regards to azure suits everyone in the family.

Hence, a one (Datsun GO) shall be bought if the brain is ultimate decision maker, while the used Swift suits best when heart keeps beating for it always. Both of them had their different persona and are catered wisely for the price paid. None of them are bad option either.

Used Tata Indigo CS Diesel Review

Despite the fate of being first in the segment with Indigo CS in 2008 (priced at Rs 3.79 lakh), Tata Motors lost its sovereignty with the passing time due to various issues popping up every now and then. At its launch (in 2008), Indigo CS was the car that kick started the hatchback converted sub-4 meter segment giving blow to the hatchbacks for being overpriced.

After several days of launch, competitors started fleeing in the segment and Tata lost the game very easily with its adulated quality standards and some major technical issues. However, the change was necessary, and at that time Tata barged in with Indigo eCS by 2010 loaded with a more efficient engine and adaptability to new emission norms. Both the cars CS and eCS were planted with 1.4-liter diesel and 1.2-liter petrol. Diesel cars sold very well and many of them are still available in abundance in used car market. Thoughtfully, the recently launched Tata Zest under 4-meter is promoted to bring in marvelous numbers at the company’s sales report, which ultimately would also help in releasing numbers of Indigo to the pre-owned market with a gush. In short, now many can afford to get their hands on the used Indigo CS and eCS which turned out to be available for a breezy price-tag. Here, we did a detailed study what to look into when buying these examples. Read on to find more about them…

Used Tata Indigo CS Diesel Review

Before initiating to write the actual account, let’s brief that Tata cars earlier were known for poor quality and were also commonly used in the tourist transportation, so looking into the paper-works before  a test-drive would lend a brief idea of the condition happen to be underneath the hoods.

Coming to the interiors first, it is quite airy and rear bench is made sufficient to house three adults over a long drive comfortably. In fact the new model has better list of equipments, but still they lack to compete fiercely in the present-days competition. Quality was also an issue on Indigo, so looking out to buy it for a family one shall inspect interiors minutely rather than having backlashes from wife and children on the drive.

Used Tata Indigo CS Diesel Interiors

On the drivability, Indigo fares ok-ok, not so good and not so bad either. The independent rear suspension rumbles the whole body over potholes at low speeds, but becomes planted when ravaged hard at high speeds. We drove the 1.4-liter diesel powered car, the power were generous at low revs and the car felt humming to our tunes in stop=go traffic. As soon as the pedal was dabbed to the floor, drop in power was experienced. Thanks to the tuning of gearbox for such results. On an overall basis, and due to the suspension, feel of gushing and exiting the corners was full of confidence, but the steering wasn’t enough of that hasty feel. Indigo felt allover like a hatchback when driven and when parked. The city drive returned us the fuel-efficiency of 14-15 kmpl, while the highway turned out to be impressive on our fuel gauge, spanned a liter of fuel over 18-19 kms.

The problems that most commonly come to the bay are many. Starting with the turbochargers, they are known for occasionally failing to perform. This can be notice with sudden drop of power when driving, and also emission of black smoke from the exhaust. Replacing it costs approximately Rs 20k. The next is ECU malfunctioning. To check is to see if the engine light stays on even after pushing the engine to life, or if the engine produces knocking sound when driven. Replacing it will not be easy too, as one had to shell out Rs 15k. The other wear and tear: firstly the suspension takes on the toll with leaking dampers and loud sound when moving over the pothole-rigged roads. To fix it, the strut replacement calls for a check of Rs 10k and bush kit for Rs 6k. To the worst even, earlier models of Indigo was reported of uneven tyre wear which the company claimed to have sorted out in the later models. The other nipping and tucking bad experiences costs Rs 307 for an air filter and Rs 201 for oil filter. Other cosmetic accidental fixtures aren’t easy on pocket either. The front bumper gets a setback of Rs 2,889 while each unit of the headlamp meant to cover-up costs Rs 4,588. On the flipside, each of the tail lamp fixtures is priced at Rs 1,125 whereas the rear view mirror is tagged at Rs 826.

Used Tata Indigo CS Diesel


A used Indigo is not the long runner. Hence, it can be bought only for an entry-pass to experience the diesel sedans’ arena, with regards to running cost, magnificent fuel efficiency and less maintenance part. Prefer a car with service history and in well-maintained condition. Avoid stepping on the bad examples just for having lured with the pocket-friendly price tags.

Used Tata Aria: Reasons to Buy

Tata Aria, the name by its outlook is so attractive, seems posing from the niche. But though, every car in the market doesn’t goes well by a good name, it has to get some good marketing strategies too. Tata Motors hopefully failed here in marketing the Aria during its initial days of launch. Aria was launched in 2010, and till date, the India based carmaker has sold only a handful numbers of them. Frankly speaking, most of the Aria buyers are the employees of Tata Motors or Tata Group, and not the general audience.

This much lag from the market wasn’t subletting the official inside the office of Tata Motors, and they decided to roll out the updated version of SUV/MUV, which is boasted only of minute cosmetic changes, to bring back the fortunes to the group. Here, due to the new version available in the market with only cosmetic changes, it seems a lot of them are going to hit the used car bays, so we decided to update the blog on our website for a used Aria, and one more reason to it, it is observed the used Aria tends to fall on wallet in a price of a hatchback – so why not crack a deal on the Tata Aria instead. To the facts, Aria was initially launched in the 4×4 variant for a price tag of Rs 15.5 lakh ex-showroom Delhi, but then later on the automaker rolled out the 4×2 version for a starting price tag of Rs 11 lakh. Due to the image formation of being a pricey car in the first, Rs 11 lakh strategy fallen flat on its head. One can say here, there are other options too available in the market for a starting price tag of Rs 11 lakh like Mahindra XUV 500 W4 variant to name for now, but its competition the Toyota Innova and to an extent Xylo only also stands in the league affirm.

Used Tata Aria

Read on to find out what the Aria has in kitty for gaining the upper hand over the hatches, and other rivals of SUVs and MUVs.

Starting from the exteriors, it looks plush and feels big in size, which it too is in actual, but not so plush on interiors. The blackened pillar at rear gives the roof a floating gesture. The vertical tail lamps and extensively stretched wheelbase complements it for Limo-sort attire. From outers, it appears with a distinct mask than any of the rivals in segment. Tata’s ideology of making the car appear a segment bigger and more value for the money doesn’t seems making an exception here.

Inside, the first two rows are spacious, even that the Innova would envy it. They are well bolstered and sits high comparatively to the Toyota’s MUV. If am not wrong, a third person could also be squeezed in, but un-comfort level will be all time high for all three of them due to the second row AC vents on floor. Though, the driving ergonomics is not as good as Innova, but Aria rides very plaint when filled to the core with weights and persons, like all the other Tata SUV vehicles which are patented with their heavy vehicles ideologies rides pliant. It fares good as a people carrier, and less of a car in the driving part.

Used Tata Aria Interiors

Monetary wise, the maintenance is not as high as of the other cars. And as we had mentioned above, the car is launched in 2010 and down on road for just more three years, it isn’t that old to own a one. Probably, the mileage too is also descent, at 15.05 kmpl as per ARAI.

Available in the vicinity of Rs 7-8 lakh for a 2011 model in used car showroom (price depended upon the condition and availability), Aria is seems to have taken over the new hatchbacks and sedans adoringly. We take, Tata has one of the best products in the showroom, but is underrated in the media, and that’s what Tata Motors wants to evade it with the new Aria. So, the used car buyers are ones to get benefitted extensively by this vehicle from the showroom of a used car dealer.

Used Tata Aria Reasons to Buy

Technical specifications of Tata Aria:

[table id=233 /]

Used Tata Aria Back View

Used Tata Nano Review

Tata Nano, the car has always remained in front lines of media since it was launched in 2009. Though, it doesn’t matters whether it is there – the good or the bad reason. But the top line (sales) of Nano hasn’t lifted the mood of Tata Motors’ officials. We are less concerned about what the Nano marketing personnel are thinking, but the used market of Nano has completely floored us. Thanks to the newly launched Nano Twist with power steering, now there are good numbers of used Nano touched the stockyard of a used car dealer.

A survey to a used car dealer sat us on the heap of Nanos, ranging from the models launched in 2009 to the ones that were recently introduced last year. To be precise, the world’s cheapest car lost most of its market share due to the car that gripped fire on roads during the initial days of launch, and couple of incidents in the same cadre has completely tarnished the image of the model plate. PR personnel of Tata shall be praised for the reason they managed to save the grace at the moment, as they took a call of recalling the entire vehicle lot and fitting them with an additional fuse to avoid short circuit, and also a catalytic converter in the electrical system. In the latter years, the engineers gained more confident in the product and started rolling out the various variants and trims of it for penetrating the market sectors deeper.

Used Tata Nano Review

Prior to entering into a detailed discussion, let us brief that the vision of Tata was to bring in the motoring to the masses with a car priced under Rs 1 lakh, but due to unfortunate reasons of the relocation of factory and also those rising steel prices played spoilsport for Indian carmaker. Despite such drawbacks, the engineers (before the launch) re-engineered the product and finally made to attain the badge of the world’s cheapest car. Here in India, that calculation of being the cheapest car doesn’t worked out during the launch, but now after certain years it seems to be working so, because the small car of Tata can be bought for as low as Rs 75,000 (depending upon the availability and condition of car) at a ‘used car dealer’. Mentioned below are some of the details we collected after our visit to a pre-owned car dealer in Mumbai.

The Nano was of 2010 make, and was asking for Rs 85,000 tag, which was negotiable. We learnt that, the asked price was quite high from the market price, but when looked into its paperwork then understood why the seller was so deliberate with regards of asking a meaty tag. Its insurance was valid upto March 2015, means a saving of approx Rs 3,000 – 4,000, and the owner was having the entire service history, means it was trustable to make a buy because of it being lidded off only in the trained hands. To our luck, the model was of the 2010 make but was produced after the month of January, so out there who are referring to buy the Nano of 2009 and the Jan 2010 shall make clear that the starter motor has been replaced in the recall made by the carmaker. Being used over the years, the Tata Nano is also reported of giving out the problems like headlight stalks malfunctioning, and the not so breezing AC blowers.

Tata Nano Interiors

The former one may be replaced for a lower cost, while the latter one is sure to cost you hefty. The leaking evaporator coil of Nano is priced at Rs 3928. Other major issue that comes into light is the cars’ battery. Nano uses a unique battery – 25Ah, smaller than the other hatchbacks and compact cars. As the size is small it gets drained out usually earlier than stated, because of the aftermarket additions like music system and else; so if wanted to enjoy the music in Nano will cost Rs 3,000 for the battery replacement. Nano sports two different types of tyres – thin on front and wider on rear. They run for a good number of kilometers, but the cars in used market mostly are in the need of replacement, one of it costs Rs 2,200. Tata Motors offers 4 years/60,000kms warranty on Nano. Probably, most of the cars out there will be under warranty, but the one we reviewed was exclusive of it, because it has ended the tenure. Other parts that needed replacement aren’t too costly either. An air-filter costs Rs 165, while an oil-filter costs a mere Rs 87. The other accidental parts like front bumper rip off Rs 1,298 from the wallet, whereas the headlight assembly needs a blissful Rs 1,357 for the replacement. Even the major of technicalities i.e. the clutch plate is taxed at Rs 977 in the bill, which is then complemented by the clutch release bearing for an additional Rs 353.

Hope so, maintaining the Tata Nano is quite cost-efficient than the other cars, but driving it isn’t yet. Yes, that’s in the time when all of us are addicted to steer the wheel with quite ease due to power steering, the world’s cheapest car still comes without it, an exception made to the Nano Twist that the brand has launched recently. It means, parking may take the last beat of arm’s muscle to squeeze it in the right spot, but comparatively that same technicality on high speeds gives in confident. Cruising in the city is feels uber cool as you can dart in the corners without aggressive efforts.

Used Tata Nano

There are speed limits to the car which we feel better shall not be crossed. Though the other journalist says, its max is 106kmph and that’s true even, but who wanted to drive safe shall not exceed the 80-90kmph bar. Overall, Tata Nano is one of the best cars available in the market, for a price tag of as low as a motorcycle. We believe, the youths are the Nano’s major target buying group in the new car segment, because of ads and TVCs reclined towards that way. We say, the used Nano too can adore the youths who are looking forward to buy their first motorcycle. The only problem is (referring to the youth and when compared) fuel-efficiency rates at near to 15kmpl in the city and a shade more than 20kmpl in highway (which are subjected to differ depending upon the driving style and cars’ condition). Overall, our rating for buying the used Tata Nano was more than the average, a cool 7 out of 10 you can say.

Technical Specifications of Tata Nano:

[table id=234 /]

Used Tata Nano

[table id=235 /]

Tata Nano

Used 2009 Maruti Swift Diesel is a professional’s choice: Used car review

It is no doubt that Maruti Swift had broken various record of car industry in India. With the numbers of units sold in our nation, Suzuki is delighted with the customers, and that too very extensively. The reason is, we Indian conclude 40% of global Swifts sales on our land. Hence, that’s why the carmaker is in no hurry of bringing its replacement anytime soon. It means the same Swift is going to follow the trend for some more years, but to be updated; Swift’s global refreshments will not be excluded from Indian list at any cost from the end of carmaker. And after learning all these factors, buying a Swift in India is not a cost-effective affair by any means. New Swift ‘diesel’ costs more than Rs. 6 lakh in Mumbai when one goes there to buy it new from the showroom. However, enjoying the cool status of a favorite amongst the young professionals, it became a must have for my friend too who was working in the management of a one small time MNC. His pay-package wasn’t quite tempting enough to buy the cool brand new Swift from the showroom, so he then decided to move towards the used car market to fulfill his hunger of going office in a chunky Swift. Most probably we prefer going to a genuine and well-known used car dealer in the city to get a one, but this time my friend itself was having some of the contacts which he managed to grab from the popular used stuff selling websites. It was my first chance of trying this escape, but as we are concerned, as it was my friend’s wish too, I then gave to his demands and drove to one of the contact which was located near to our residence.

Before making the streams heated, we wanted to make clear that the Swift has more than expected resell value in the market. With the rising price of petrol, the diesel Swift-owners demands prices like anything. So the deep market study before approaching them tempts for you to fall upon it as a must.

Used 2009 Maruti Swift Diesel

Back to topic, the car owner which we had decided to approach first was a well-known man of his locality. He was having a number of cars in his garage, but the reason he bought “diesel” Swift of 2009 make was to make trips to the shopping center and grocery store. In addition, his newly grown son also use to drive it to college when he feels taking the long-runs during the month-end, while feeling the pinch of exhausting pocket-money of the bank accounts. However, that wasn’t our concern, so we asked the owner to show us the car that was standing safe in his garage. Finally, the car was in its blistering condition. Paint job was shining as if it is brand new. Graphics on its side and other some of sort of cool stuffs were pleading sweetly. Despite being a big-shot of his area, we asked him about the posting of an ad on the free of charge used stuff selling website. For that he replied, it was his son who had taken this action, which in returns is looking for the brand new sedan/SUV to conclude the further course of action in driving. We find the owner quite friendly, so we asked for the test-drive. To our belief, the car was also good and was functioning very smoothly on the run. There were some cooling problems of AC recurring inside the cabin, but was okay to barge in some of bucks from the said price point. The owner of this diesel-Swift was asking for something near to half a million INR, but this problem of the AC gave us hope of making a bargaining point with him. And to our note, some the notch in interiors was replaced by the ‘new ones’, while rest of them been kept as per the factory-fitted condition. It tends to be not so sniffing, when found this sort of replacement in the cabin but there was a different explanation to it when we came to the end of session.

As we said, it was our first contact, and he was also residing quite to our residence, we thought of giving other a contacts a chance too. But that friend of mine got quite attached with this car due to the best-of-time paint job and the not so niggling other factors. After a final discussion at home, we then again fixed an appointment with that same Swift owner, and this time in the story there was a twist. We were escorting a common friend with us who is a working in the service centers of Nissan, but he had previous work experience of Maruti too. So the Swift wasn’t a rare sight for him underneath the beautiful looking cosmetic skin. Speaking truly, escorting him to the place benefited us a lot.

With a fraction of some moments he made us realize that something is wrong with the car. Inspecting it from the far, the Swift wasn’t looking in that exact factory drawn shape. Instead, it was slightly tapered from one of the side, which most probably happens after facing an “accident”. This was shocking to us about the car. When said this to the owner about it, he accepted it as well and explained, his son had dashed it against a truck on a highway. Luckily, no one was injured, except the car, where a lot of bucks had been spared to revamp it to the original-perfect form. Hence, those ‘glitches’ on interiors which we had mentioned were of the same conclusion. Finally, when the time comes of closing the deal, my friend backed out for it due to the sort of accident happened with it.

In last, the disappointment was staring to us in some or the other context, but buying that accident car even after paying something near to half a million INR wasn’t making the sense. Though, we got safe from that car luring us around for some or the other lacking after the purchase, but there would be someone else who may fall prey to sooner or later, because the Swift is of luring kind only, and this good one was the most dangerous of all.

Used Santro (2002): A learner’s best friend

The time and again, for this week we had the used (2002) Santro on our used car review section. One would remember the last time we had reviewed used Maruti 800 for my cousin who has just learnt driving and is willing to get the cuts sharpen on his own new car. But before going to the brand new pack of metal from those prestigious automaker’s showrooms it is always advisable to own a pre-owned vehicle, which is usually followed. So for the same common thinking and also taking some cues from learning of middle class mentality, we did more of the calls to dealers and free lance advisors, after the previous attempt, to see as many (but good) cars as possible. Though we even tried some of the old school sedans, quite raunchy hatchback, and many amazing machines, but what set our mind to draw the good sort of conclusion was Hyundai Santro of 2002 make. The car this was held at some of the restricted area of the city where only military personnel can only go. But to avail the benefit of the power, that owner made some of the arrangement and then we were invited to his house in the cantonment.

Finally there he was standing upright and sharp on time, where he used to be military officer of high rank. It is a different fact that he was retired now, but one knows one can take the man out the military service, but the not its discipline from that personnel. So hopefully, he started with the point directly i.e. his car. It was of the 2002 make and was gifted to him by his wife on one of his service achievement. Hopefully, the car was very rare driven, clocked only 50,000 kms in that past eleven years, which turned out to be a strange notch for us.  When foolishly asking about the reason behind it, the owner answered as most of the time he was made available the official vehicle to travel ion any part of the city, the Santro tend to be standing there in the garage for most of the time. As was one of the most good looking vehicle of its times, his wife had adored it a lot and bought a one for his husband, as what the ex-military officer said to us. Finally after a cup o tea in his garden we i.e. myself, my cousin, and the broker through whom we came to know about this car, were finally handed the keys for a test drive. As he is a military officer, he too sat in the car with us for the drive.


Cranking up the engine, it sounded like almost “new”. To mention you in advance, we hadn’t seen the car very minutely from the exteriors before the ride, hence the outer crisps are concluded at the latter stage. Back to the firing of engine, we felt only one thing from it; this vehicle was sparely used through the years, and is also fed with the proper feed of maintenance from time-to-time. All of the other manifesto also fallen on the right spot of our expectations, for example the braking trivia, straight line leniency, and many more accidental findings. We hadn’t felt that this car may have been rammed into someone before, because old Santros always possess a chance of being fallen prey to some or the other sort of accidents. This wasn’t a one of that accident. Everything so perfect, tempting and allure, best in any of the form given on driving pleasure. Well, finally after covering a whole lot of 10 kms in it, we then came back to the start point again i.e. the Major’s house.

Used Santro Interiors

Now it was the turn of interiors and other cosmetics to show up their ailments how they had been kept for this so long tenure. As all of us were seating whole jam-packed during the test, it didn’t became possible for us to check the inside rips. All of the seats were covered in leather type of material, which is done from the outside, while rest was looking normal, in good condition. Even AC was also in the running condition, while in most of 2002 Santro model which we had seen previously were of not in the proper working condition. No doubt that the car perfume which was there in it was of very strong stigma, where we also found that music player was of the latest edition too. When enquire about it, he answered, it was son who had been driving it for the last couple of years, but after taking up the service in the same organization (i.e. military) of his father he too left driving it for the same reason. After inspecting the whole vehicle minutely we came to a spot where we found a chunk of some mismatching paint on the side panels. It was looking like of the bruises caused to it, and by chance it turned out to be of the same as well. The owner too echoed that it was caused while his son was learning to drive on it. Despite this damage, the overall paint of the car was in new like shining condition. Even the fresh aura of luster was also felt at the time. Apart from that there weren’t any of the nagging to conclude about it. We then tick right the box of cosmetic and then moved to the technical extravaganza i.e. hoods.

Hyundai Santro 2002

However, the vehicle was sounding and tempting like that if the whole new one, we were not in the mood if finding the lacking under the hood as well. And yes, it happened that same way yet. There weren’t any of the black dot on the engine nor on any of the other spare.

Paperwork was also clear, but let us tell you, the car was transferred to three owners for the past eleven years. We were shocked to see this sort of the experience from this man, and not so disappointingly they were all the relatives of the present car owner, who is the first owner of this car too. it was being with them due to the zero-usage of car by this family. Hence, they had also maintained it very well. Service book was proving it all. And now finally there came the pricing where we all stared losing the hangover of buying that one. It was all stated with the quarter lakh and wasn’t attempting to lower down a bit also. As it was his wife’s gift he said not much of the compromise could be made. Actually, the couple was going to shift at some of the hill station for their rest of their life. They were looking to buy a Mahindra Thar so that any of the terrain and difficulty can be terrain very easily. However, we left the deal open ended at that point of time, but after a couple days we received a call from the broker again, stating us the ex-military personnel is now willing to step some of the chaps down, but it will not some of the big difference to the whole amount. Finally we agreed to meet him again, and managed to close the deal for 7 grinds at its best.

Used Santro Back View

Though, the scenario wasn’t like the owner wasn’t getting any of the other deals, but it was that patch of the unconvincing paint job that was done to hide the ill side of the bruise. Hopefully, to the scenario, we were knowing how to treat such sort of uneasiness. We took the car first to the paint shop after buying it and asked the attendant there to buff it nicely before spraying the paint on it. And even after doing paint job buff it once again nicely. One maybe thinking it is usual process, then what’s the difference it would make to that patch. Well, to answer the question, we asked the attendant to do this process for ‘three times’. Expectedly, after being surfed with this much amount of buff, it is but obvious for a car to lose many of its bruises for a large extent. Hence, the car was now ours and finally we drove it for a couple of years too.

Used Maruti 800: An Expensive Futuristic Vintage Packet

However, there are already reports on our blog about the used Maruti 800, but due to the growing demand of being ‘fuel efficient’ we then decided to have a throw at the best-in-class leader of mileage of its times. In fact it was our one of my cousin who had just learnt to drive a car and was willing to buy the one to get his steer clear-cut in the daily routines. However, not moving into the deep, we will just give you the upper crust of it in this posted article.

To take on the toil further on, we called up the free lance dealer and made out the appointment for a visit to one of the nearby garage. Hopefully, it is still said that the car of Maruti 800 badge was sold in October 2011, so due to its aggressive customer base many of the audience whom we had seen were not willing to sell their metal. It’s because, during the good olden days, the 800 was pronounced to be the people’s car, so keeping a one its sample in the covered garage of the house will sometime fetch a good resale value in the future, says one of the free lance dealer. Lest, the time and again, we were there at the garage shop in the time of another half an hour walk. And there was the car standing in the normal condition there in the shabby shed of the road-side repairing bay. Thought the model was of the 2002, hence the proper used car dealers did not entertained it in their repertoire for being too old, which in return was doing the rounds of such arbitraged workshops. We were then told that the owner is an old man so he is unable to come down this point, instead it was the garage owner who is now being renounced as the owner of that car. Though by luck that garage-wala turned out to be a good person when we started talking to him, hence our confidence now gets restored that was first lost on seeing him during the first 3 seconds, because of his appearance. Well, we were on the doubt that the garage owner may have ruled out the original parts from the car or his extra profit, so we decided to open the engine first to inspect rather than getting inside and making out the view of the interiors.

Used Maruti 800

To our relief, the engine and other technicalities were maintained in good condition, but there were some of the leakages reported on some interiors parts of it. While the free lance dealer was intending us to make a good bargain due to the leakages, but we realized that one is not the major, so the present owner of the car may not accept it to lose the brownie points for us due to those. Meanwhile, concluded all the rest to be okay, we were just about to close the bonnet when the cousin pointed out one more negativity. And that is the rust inclination on the hinged corner of hood. Though we didn’t think it as minor one, because the rust can compel one to make the replacement of whole body which may make the costing reach too mad than what could have thought. At this point of time we were turned off, yet another intervention of that free lance dealer came, and it bestowed us that , sir the pre-owned market in Kurla and Chor Bazaar will get you the spare parts and body too in the don’t cheap pricey and those would be of better quality too. Lest, it is a job for the one who is all time free and can make a regular visit there to get the perfect one for the amount being paid. Well, we then became totally disinterested to mark this in our purchase, but after walking half an hour from our home to there, we thought let’s take a test drive too. To be honest, the moment when we opened the door it was normal than it should be. All the clichés were restored in the perfect condition and the ACs were working very well. Hope so all the gremlins may fall in place, but the cousin who was sitting in the pilot seat had retarded us, there were some knick knack during the gear change. There were some of the electrical issues too, like the wipers were not in the so good condition, headlamps tend to stop sometime, or may not give the right response when you clicked the desired switch, and the aftermarket fitted power windows were not so desirable. While we then decided to end up the test drive on the street of our apartment, but before getting out there, we made a ‘brake test’ on the run, and to our surprise, it returned the more powerful result than we could have thought of. There was a strange reason behind it for being too aggressive, said the current owner.

He continued, the actual owner is an old man and was facing some problem in the legs, so to suit his health condition he wasn’t advised to drive the car much, but due to its love with the vehicle, he had made the braking powerful, so that the hard braking on the normal pedal condition may not land in him in some other fuss. And my cousin, who was driving the car, also reported the acceleration was at par than of the other Maruti 800, all because of the said reason. Lest, of all the excitement, we then decided to end our test drive, and was conclude the results whether we are interested in making the purchase or not. So taken advantage of my bonding with the free lance associate we then asked him for some time to think over and would make the decision then. In addition, the last factor which we were made aware of was the pricing. He asked us for more than the ‘three grinds’, which means a cool half a grind over the market rate, and that too with the nuisances stuffed inside. Hopefully, we then left the deal and made route to our home, back to the Google and calls to lug of free lancers again, hoping that something or the other may come out soon.

Well, ours decision of putting down that deal was the extra expenditure which we were slotted to borne it after the purchase, and to be true it wasn’t that current owner who had demanded such costs, the old guy who was ordering the decision from home was the main decision maker behind the scene. Hoping so, we asked the actual owner to cut down some of oodles of questions, he remained aggressive and refuses to sell. And this scene again to the point what we our free lance dealer had said above, the owner who owns a Maruti 800 tends to keep it there in the garage so the he may drive home a good sum of money when the day would pass by and this may become an eye candy for the vintage lovers, after all it had maintained the legacy for more than 25 years and is still giving out the true value for what the money is paid to.

Used Honda City 1.5 EXI (1998) is a hot deal at the cost of a new bike

‘Honda City’, is the term that had ruled our automotive fraternity in the times when petrol prices was not that mountain ridden, and the maintenance cost use to fall very efficiently on the pocket too. Maintaining any of the vehicles at that time wasn’t such costly as of it is now. Though we hope those days may return soon, but it doesn’t seems so clearly to all of us. Lest, here this time we had the Honda City to explore the ‘used car review’ plethora which had taken place when one of our friend desired to buy a piece of it for his personal use and that too given down with the low amount of buying cost and more amount of space, should also be counted in the relative upmarket quotient.

Honda City was first launched in 2008 and had gone through three generations till date. Last generation was introduced to us in the year 2008 and had received the facelift in 2011. Yet known, new City is the flagship model of Honda, so it doesn’t falls easy on pocket, nor on buying cost and not even on maintenance. It is the preferred choice of assorted customers, as what we had seen in the market as per to our experience, and as said most of the customers also return to the showroom of Honda itself again in life when they need to buy another one after using it.

Those customers are not said to be going any of the else brands, unless and until they are not capable of handling the affair of marvelous and costly Japanese engineering. Apart from the history, it was our friend who is married and having the kids too. His job profile was of a reputed customer executive in a high profile bank, where one of his job responsibilities was also to make most of the impression while meeting the customers.  Given at the adequate salary, he was able to spend Rs. 1 lakh only for the vehicle, and so getting a better profile car wasn’t that easy in this tightly restricted price band. One fine morning a posting came on our blog from one of the dealer where he had posted the first generation Honda City i.e. of 1998 make in a our desired price range. Without wasting any of the moment we called up the dealer and fixed and appointment to check the car. Here is the detail what we had found on that when we intercepted it in actual.

Honda City 1.5 EXI


It is was raining all day long and everything on or route seems to be washed out in the rain. And at the moment when we reached there, the dealer had already snagged out the car of our choice from the clutter and had parked it in the open area. Due to heavy rains, the car was given a heavy dose of shower by the nature, and it was looking like spanking new one.

The blue original paint job of company wasn’t in that bad condition to which we were expecting. Hope so the car would have passed the hands of several owners in its life, and expectedly the paper of the car also said the same what we just thought of. In fact, this Honda City wasn’t that bad despite clocking 140,000kms on the odo. Though however the owner had maintained it well and it was nick perfect to be driven in the city, whilst not too bad for the long weekend trips as well. Nope, it was the insurance that wasn’t available with the car, and when talked about it, the car dealer was willing to reduce some of the jerks from price tags too. And all was looking said and done from the exteriors side, now it was interior that was needed to do a bit of explanation in this context.

Used Honda City 1.5 EXI Exteriors


When opened the doors, the leather-type seats welcomed us in their lap. It was overwhelming to see that the leather-type seat was made available in the pricing reference of less than Rs. 1 lakh. Though it was a premium vehicle of its times, so this type of treats are a must when one look to buy out the Honda in the used car market. Interior was done in the two-tones, beige and brown, it was interesting to be there inside the cabin. Driver seat had also been done with ample of temperament but the modern-day one i.e. adjustable driver’s seat was not found missing here. Hopefully, the vehicle was overall in good condition from inside, and the view from driver’s seat was a bit different than other vehicles, exactly looking like a cockpit. As due to hereditary gene of lees ground clearance in all Honda cars, it means the low slung vehicle floor in India had been rubbed against the belly of our high risen speed breakers and this car wasn’t the exception too. Window glass had been tinted, but the windscreen was in a bit greener shade than its normal form. No doubt that, its visibility was one of the best in cars that was released during last millennium.  Not much of the electrical problems had been reported, as the dealer had sorted it out in advance itself. The most impressive quotient that we had liked inside this Honda City is the build quality.

It seems Japanese had built it to last for generations, and yes it is doing its job successfully till date. Power windows and central locking was also available, so it wasn’t giving a feel of about being a whole era old.

Used Honda City 1.5 EXI Interiors


Powered by the 1.5L in line four-cylinder 16 valve petrol motor, the sedan of Honda has grabbed most of the market even at that time. The maximum power of 100 bhp @ 6500 rpm and the top-notch torque of 3.1 kgm @ 4600 rpm are making the car to do rounds of city very swiftly. Added with the benefits of power steering, a long drive in the urban jungle is also not the worst. It marks the patch of old and new in the striding reference to price tags, and the maintenance cost is also quite cool to be lucrative. That is what all we had experienced when we sat behind the steering wheel of 1.5 EXI Honda City 1998 make. Meanwhile, it is now the time to open bonnet and get ourselves beefed up with the other side of coin that is the most important, which is called ‘maintenance’. No doubt we were at the doorstep of a reputed dealer of South Mumbai, so it was clean as usual like most of the other cars in his yard. Fully serviced and fared enough to buy it out immediately. And without wasting any time, as we were so delighted, we handed him the cash and drove home the blue beauty that was completely drenched in the heavy rains in this long course of review.


The Honda City had afterwards then given us the burgeoning maintenance cost, but that was leveraged looking the run that our friend clocked in it. And most probably the Honda maintenance doesn’t occur again and again, once you had fixed the part genuinely in it. When the given metal is in form of sedan at the cost of a bike, it isn’t an issue to look deep into the negative side of Honda City 1.5 EXI!

Used Honda City 1.5 EXI