Used Chevrolet Cruze vs Used Skoda Laura

If you are out in the market looking for a used car buy and are stuck with a dilemma as to which car to go for, then your search ends here. We have taken this onus upon ourselves to help you in your choices. This dilemma was recently presented here at Indiandrives when some one was confused between used cars and that too the same segment ones. The cars happened to be a used Chevrolet Cruze and a second hand Skoda Laura. Tough choice considering that both are very capable and one cannot be discounted from the other. Here are a few details which helped in pointing out towards a clear winner.

The family which wanted to purchase the used car wanted a big spacious diesel sedan and hence these two were shortlisted. They would be taking to long as well as intra city trips and hence the need for a diesel sedan with space as its forte. Both the cars don’t disappoint on this count. However the family was more inclined with the space that the used Skoda Laura offered. However the head room was a bit lacking. The second hand Chevrolet Cruze had space and enough of head room however it slightly lagged behind in the leg room stakes.

In the used Cruze, the family found a stylish cabin and the equipment levels were also on the generous side. The head of the family was very impressed by the stop start button which was the first in its class. The instruments also look wonderful. Compared to this, the Laura felt like it had just come out of the showroom. However the finance minister of the family felt that the car’s cabin was very boring and pales in comparison with the used Cruze. She said that the Cruze had a futuristic cabin which actually gels well with its exterior looks. The family felt that the Cruze was also very comfortable and was actually quite snug whereas the Laura was more on the giving side. The Laura also felt built like a tank. But the lady was firm on the Cruze’s interiors. The man of the house loved the ride quality of the house which the granny in the family affirmed as well. While the Laura was a bit on the lower side as far as ground clearance was concerned, the Cruze was a jacked up thing.  Ingress and egress however was better in the Laura with its wide opening doors and stuff.

The Cruze’s 2.0 liter diesel engine immediately won over the enthusiast in the patriarch of the family. He also liked the power delivery from the Laura’s engine however its noisy behavior put him off. Similarly, the Cruze’s powerful outbursts was something which he said that he would actually get over in due course of time. The all taking boot of the Laura which was more than that of the Cruze also impressed him. However what came as the deal clincher or the final verdict is when the entire family huddled together weighing their pros and cons. The Cruze was launched in 2009 and is less likely for a replacement anytime soon. In the meanwhile horror stories of the Skoda’s aftersales also hit them heavily in the buying decision and as such, the family was more inclined towards the Cruze and hence converged on it. Its being almost two months since the family has the Cruze with them and they are very happy with its mileage as also mile munching capabilities. Its powerful AC is a delight in this sweltering heat. As for the prices, the used Skoda Laura price was Rs 8.7 lakhs for a 2009 model while that of the Cruze was higher. The used Chevrolet Cruze price was Rs 9.2 lakhs.

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