Used Volkswagen Vento vs New Hyundai i20 Asta

New things have been kept on sprouting every now and then in automotive industry which we say is the necessity of horizon for staying ahead against the time, and moreover the comparison that we are going to do here is that of the used car versus the new one.

Though, many of us maybe very familiar with these types of things going in India but still certain issue lacks importance on the immediate note of second-hand purchase due to some of its drawbacks-related results pinned underneath the buying psychology. Buying a used car for many of us feels a bit tad to the money value in our country, which hence many of the people bet to avoid going for second hand version. To be true, due to the rising cost of fuels and as well as cars, used car industry had now been witnessing large chunk of footfalls in their respective showrooms and even the exclusives like BMW and Merc aren’t left for exception. Hence, to get the best out of both i.e new and old, we pitted the used German i.e. Volkswagen Vento and a new Korean Hyundai i20 against each other to see how they fare in the fight of vying price bracket. The badges that we have taken here are of the following categories:

  • Used Volkswagen Vento: 2012 make, Highline variant, Diesel;
  • New Hyundai i20: 1.4 CRDi Asta variant, Diesel.

Hyundai i20 Asta

The diesel engine is chosen here because whole of country is running after the same and even the price rise of oil burners not even loosing the grip in spite of many downturns.

Let’s start the things, taking a lot of time is pushing us harder to the end of both, because we love both of them and does not tend to miss out any of them at any point. The price band of Rs. 9 lakh is what we had found the catching trend of our local market which is gradually drawing powerful hatchback, and in an opposite a used car dealer is also selling the three box sedan in immaculate condition for, just a year old, at almost the same cost. Clearly stated, the 1 year old used car is as good as our daily usage car, not many nick nacks and the maintenance issues, condition slated as if maintained very suavely. Well, finding that sorted one is not an issue in India, plenty of showrooms and dealers here to help out with. One of the used Vento that we had seen at a dealer, was of nothing to say bad at it, everything was working perfectly, not even a minute electrical issue to come up for barging in trade-offs at, but in actual the German cars are famous for the disturbances with electrical gremlins, so it’s better to have a second view at them, and moreover the maintenance service history book will give in a perfect idea of what lies inside creeps.

Used Volkswagen Vento

Meanwhile, an additional help of an expert is also a recommended option. However, the 1 or 1 and a half year old Vento will be in a stealth condition if maintained correctively, but we say also ask for the warranty of it. VW provides warranty of two years which it will bestowed on the name of first owner itself, and can be easily transferred to the second owner too, where just needed to fill in the form at dealership and the things will be done on your way easily. On the other hand, Hyundai is providing two years-unlimited kilometers warranty with free service on first year duration. Talking about the service we got trickled something in our mind, being a German VW badged cars runs very well on road but all those swifts need cool amount of money in pocket for servicing them at their respective centers. In short, the single service of Vento will fall between Rs. 6,500 – 17,000 which the i20 will notch between a mere Rs. 2,000 – 7,500 gap, depending upon the duration and the usage of car, these are normally expected figures it may be lesser or more seeing as per the situation and conditions of one’s metal. And in the case if it happens, the need is felt to replace spare parts and such then German will munch a good amount of money from the pocket comparatively to the Korean counterpart.

Very importantly, enquire about the reasons for which the seller is selling his bug in used car market, if the reason is genuine then it is okay, but when something fishy like accident or other this type of plethora is smelt underneath his/her decision then leave that bonk, lot of others lay there in market waiting tentatively for good buyers.

Used Volkswagen Vento Interiors

Coming to the i20 for a while, it is a big rocket packed in a small carton, and truly the 1.4L CRDi diesel feels tempting to surf throughout the city roads. No clogging here and there at all, thank to swift yet fluidic dimensions, light steering wheel, soft suspension setup and many more. Talking drivability, the steering that was felt comfortable in the city comes as a drawback factor when given stroked high on an open stretch, we mean highways, even those cute aerodynamics also tend the car to dangle on turns in high revs. This is the point where Vento scores more than this, the 1.6L diesel producing 104 bhp mated with a five speed manual gearbox given in that bolster of rigidity, can be handled on any of the stretch thrown at it. Even the 454 liter boot space is an added advantage, as need not worry about anything for any kind of trips. Ending the technical here itself, the 1.4L mill of i20 Asta is good for the city rides, the 84bhp power and six speed manual gearbox whips more than the desires quotations on town roads, in terms of efficiency and as well as performance, which the highways will not feel it sufficient to grope in.

2013 Hyundai i20 Asta Interiors

Talking cosmetics now, not the outer crisps instead, but here we will learn what the interiors had to say, where does actual monetary value fills in the block. As we all are aware, i20 is very well equipped with the gadgets-type-frenzies Bluetooth connectivity for music system, dimming function for mirrors, reverse parking camera, automatically controlled ORVMs, with further advancements like airbags and rear disc brakes as an optional deal, and many more, making itself a strong contender in the segment, which the Vento is also not leaving battle ground very easily, grueling with features like CD player, climate control and rear AC vents amongst others for this league. Hopefully both of them are perfect in their ways, tending an extra mile type of clipping in the advancements of their respective level. Comparatively the overall aura of Hyundai is the factory fresh and Vento’s is of a bit old cladding, but the fit and finish of latter is derived via true German quality, build to last longer than anything else. And one will also miss those steering mounted controls in Highline, which the Asta sweeps credits in just a single take.

Used Volkswagen Vento Back View

However many of you’ll would have understood what we are trying to say. Hence, clearing the clutter by ourselves we conclude “Vento” to be the winner in this naked rivalry. No glamorous buff and such, but practicality had made German to stand tall in this shootout. The only factor that had kept us pinching from inside is the maintenance cost of VW, freaks to be costlier than any other model plate in this segment. And yes, the 0-100 kmph sprint of Vento is also faster by a whole two seconds against the i20, must say those additional 200cc really pays off.

2013 Hyundai i20 Asta Back View

Also check the competitive difference in the mentioned table below:

[table id=143 /]

Hence, if seen overall then it will be known that Vento is beneficiary in all the dimension, whereas the only tradeoff between both of them is a mere amount of ‘mileage’, which is considerable when given such a big lot of booties.

Volkswagen Vento TDI New Hyundai i20 Asta

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