VATH adds supercharger to the Mercedes SLS Roadster

Whenever it comes to V8 engines, the one featured in the Mercedes SLS Roadster takes on a whole new meaning. It’s because of the car’s 6.3L V8 engine that churns out a peak power of 570hp, that the Mercedes SLS Roadster has one of the most powerful naturally-aspirated powerhouse in the world. Now it seems that the available power and performance isn’t turning out to be enough for the car. Permutations and combinations of added features and options seem to be coming out of the box.

German tuner VATH has been reported to carry out tests on performance of the car in case forced induction is added to the mix. The results were beyond imagination. As soon as VATH added a supercharger on AMG’s V8, the power and torsion torque count went up to 702hp and 850Nm respectively.

These figures have made the Mercedes SLS Roadster to be one of the fastest of its kind. The power is good enough to take the car to a speed of 100kmph from standstill in just 3.6 seconds. The car is now gifted with a maximum velocity of 330kmph.

VATH adds supercharger to the Mercedes SLS Roadster

It’s just not an addition of supercharger that VATH introduced. There are many things beyond it as well. The tuner fitted the car with enlarged gearbox oil cooler and bigger brakes with 405mm steel discs. Apart from these, the car is now loaded with a stainless steel exhaust system with throttle control and sports catalysts as well. Three-part forged VATH wheels (9.5×20 with 265/30-20 tires up front and 12×20 with 315/25-20 on the rear) too have been included in the tuned version. Sports springs along with VATH’s own Ride Control software ensures lowering of the SLS by 45mm. If visual changes are to be considered, we mustnot overlook the front and boot spoilers, side skirts, brake vents (made of visible carbon fiber) and new instrument cluster in the interior of the car (that sports 400kmph meter).

The powerful and appealing tuned Mercedes SLS Roadster will now cost 85,130 Euros.

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