Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Achieves Environmental Excellence

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes is the only moniker to receive FIA Institute’s Environmental Award for the Achievement of Excellence.

This honor is the part of an initiative between FIA and FIA Institute which is given to those who adopt a process by which environmental impact of motor sport can be reduced tremendously. The Program pinning is framed in such a way that enables National Sporting Authorities, teams, circuits, manufacturers, and event organisers to achieve the highest standards in environmental management.

Those who take up this challenge are certified against three stringent trims of environmental checks and are also guided to achieve benchmarks like excellence.

Just after the announcement of this scheme in June 2012, Mclaren wasted no time to sign up for this noble step. After surpassing the strict guidelines of FIA Institute and environmental experts, the F1 team now had attained the highest level through demonstrating a commitment to continual improvement and impressive environmental awareness throughout the entire organisation.

Vodafone McLaren MercedesCommenting on such a clean result, FIA President, Jean Todt, said, “McLaren’s award is an important step in the recognition by motor sport of the social responsibility our community must acknowledge if our championships are to remain in tune with the key environmental debates we are all a part of. The FIA and the FIA Institute are researching the environmental impact of motor sports across all our world championships.”

The McLaren is also too delighted to be awarded by this quotient and this can be witnessed on the statement of its Head of Sustainability, Ian MacDonald which says, “We pride ourselves on our environmental credentials but the FIA Institute assessment really put those to the test. As a result, we have made major changes to further improve the sustainability of the team and the accreditation process has been worthwhile just for that.”

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