Volkswagen e-load Up Becomes an Airport Pilot Vehicle in Germany

Germans love their cars a lot, and not leaving the space for any other carmaker to roll in the carpet at airport, Volkswagen e-load Up, the electric version of the compact car Up, is now said to be deployed on the job of airport pilot vehicle.

Though, in size the vehicle may not seem bigger, and looks lunatic to carry heavy duffs of cargo and other loads. But despite such aesthetical facts, Germans seems trusting it a lot, and for the same reason the e-load Up will be seen on the German airports, announced Volkswagen at the Hanover Fair.

New Volkswagen e-load Up
Comparatively to the regular Up, e-load boot usurps 1,000 liters of cargos at the cost of rear seats removed over the regular Up of 915 liters boot space. The payload capacity of the car is 300 kg.

Volkswagen e-load Up Interiors

Power to the e-load Up comes from an 18.7 kW/h battery pack which is good for a 160 km on a full charge. The 0-100 km/h swipe on odo takes 12.4 seconds while the top-speed is rated at 130 km/h. The electric motor turns out a good 82 PS of power and 210 Nm of torque, while the 80 percent battery charging takes 30 minutes at a quick charge station.

New Volkswagen e load Up

The e-load Up is expected to be used as a ‘follow me’ vehicle for the pilots of aircrafts to locate their parking by following the car. Thus, a roof-mounted beacons and lights are planted for easy identification.

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