Volkswagen exhibits 510PS Design Vision GTI at Worthersee

Auto maker Volkswagen has exhibited their novel concept vehicle, the Design Vision GTI on the twelve-monthly Worthersee carnival, held at Reifnitz, Austria.

The newly showcased concept car is based on 7th generation Volkswagen Golf GTI that got rolled out during 2012 and has been fabricated especially for the special occasion.

But, this is not the initial time that the well known auto maker has constructed a crazily influential Golf.

Around 5 to 6 years back, they had fabricated a one off Golf with a 6.0-litre biturbo W12 engine that produced a whopping 650PS and 750Nm of torque.

The new coupe bags power from a double turbo 3.0-litre Vsix engine, which generates 510PS of maximum power along with a torque of 559Nm.

VW Design Vision GTI
Power is channelized to all 4 wheels through a direct-shift gear case (DSG) double-clutch mechanical transmission as well as an all-wheel drive arrangement.

All this control is able to take the vehicle from 0-100 kilometers per hour (kilometers per hour) in just 3.9 seconds and then to a maximum pace of 299 kilometers per hour (kilometers per hour).

In order to reduce speed of the vehicle, the German maker has equipped gigantic carbon ceramic brake discs and 20-inch wheels, which are made to give vent to the brake systems.

VW Design Vision GTI Back View
The vehicle is broader and grimmer that it’s standard sibling and overall, it looks really futuristic. It is thought that the designers have taken a modest interior in proportion to trackbred Porsches with the intention to keep the device driver concentrated on road. This entails that they have annihilated a lot of keys, switches in addition to a few expediencies such as door knobs, turning the vehicle a racetrack screamer.

The Worthersee carnival is held by Volkswagen Group on an annual basis for all the firms under its poster as a stage to showcase their design as well as technological potentialities. The new vehicle is not expected to be rolled out ever in the mass market.

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