Lamborghini starts Grand Tour to celebrate its 50th Anniversary

The Tour started from the Piazza Castello in Milan and had started at 1:30 pm on 8th May. The Grand Tour to celebrate the 50 year of Lamborghini is the largest car gathering from the company with the fleet that is over 4km long and raging with over 190,000 hp hitting the road.

About 350 cars out of which 320 are registered and about 30 cars will be coming from the press and guests will be arriving at the Piazza Castello in the front to of Sforzesco Castle with their drivers and co-drivers a total of 700 people. Since last couple of days the fans have witnessed the arrival of car from across the globe and the registration for the people who will be driving to the first meeting point has been completed.

The press conference announced that the Grand Tour was started a day ago at Pirelli Foundation to signify the partnership of the two companies since 1963. A photograph of all the 350 participating lambos where put on display. The lambos have come from 29 different countries to celebrate the 50 years of company at its birth place in Italy based in Emilia Romagna.

Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Grand Tour
The most vital presence was of UK with 71 cars that was closely followed by Italy, Switzerland and Germany with over 30 cars. In addition to these 21 cars arrived from US and 17 from China. Several other countries also made their presence at the event.

Lamborghini Grand Tour

The youngest driver, age 22 years is from Kuwait and oldest driver 75 years, is from France. The Tour will be comprising of Lamborghini that will include three 350 GTs, five of 400 GTs, seventeen Miuras, two jaramas, Fifteen Countachs, eight Espadas, six Urracos, one LM 002, thirty six  Murcielagos and 21 Diablos. But the highest number of the participants appeared with the Gallarado, one of the most successful Lamborghini of all times. Gallarado has about 123 entries among the 350 total Lamborghinis.

Lamborghini 50th anniversary tour 2013

For last 50 years Lamborghini has established its name among the object of dream and as a symbol of Italy. Its sportscar have always incorporated most advanced technologies and that’s why company is regarding it as the half mark of the 100 years of innovation. The fleet of 350 cars and over 700 participants from all over the world shows the global dimensions of the company.

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