Volkswagen Phaeton Exclusive Edition debuts at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

Volkswagen Phaeton”, the term doesn’t seem to be astounding us so. It’s because most of us didn’t know it all but let us tell you what the Phaeton for Volkswagen means!

Phaeton is the luxurious limousine from the repertoire of Volkswagen, which is based on the platform of Bentley Continental, and stares its sister’s sibling Audi A8 for the competitive lead. Despite being underpinned by such an expensive chassis, it does make sense for the customers’ pocket friendly nature, as comes with a price tag quite lesser than the A8 and its likes. Hence, due to its not so happening sales report, VW had discontinued it in 2011 from US, but other countries used to still sell it for adequate numbers, as their market leverages allows it so.

Well, this piece of news is for those who can a buy the Phaeton in their homeland, for them “Volkswagen had debuted Exclusive Edition of Phaeton at 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show”.

Volkswagen Phaeton Exclusive
This Exclusive Edition of VW is a one amongst the 50cars that the German carmaker had brought to Frankfurt for appealing the audience at its stall. However, not much of the gist is extracted, it is learnt the VW Phaeton wears a new paint-job for the Frankfurt exclusivity and also peeks in new set of leather pinning inside the cabin, while the rest remains same to the ongoing one. Engines too are being carried-over from the present-generation VW Phaeton, where they are named as 3.6-liter V6 petrol of 280PS, 4.2-liter V8 petrol of 335PS and finally a 3.0-liter V6 diesel for 240PS. All of these engines assimilate the 6-speed automatic transmission in their drivetrain, which helps in sending power to all the four wheels.

New Volkswagen Phaeton Exclusive

Well, we are curious to know what do the new Audi A8 would be ticking in after learning that its in-house yet cost-effective competitor is also there at the same venue?

Volkswagen Phaeton Exclusive Back View

One can send us their clues via comments.

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