Volkswagen Seat may be coming to India

Volkswagen, the car manufacturer from Germany, has been working very hard to realize its dream of becoming the leading car maker in the whole world, and it seems that they are very close to achieving the same. A fact that might not be known to a lot of people is that Volkswagen has taken under its control a subsidiary from Spain named Volkswagen Seat. Recent developments indicate that this German car maker might be planning to introduce the products of Seat into the Indian market. However, before this decision to come to India with the Seat is taken, Volkswagen wants to test market sentiments by launching the vehicle in the Chinese market. Hence, the time frame by which Volkswagen might plan to bring the Seat into India has still not been specified. However, market experts are being able to make the assumption on the proposed Seat models that could be launched in the Indian market.

Volkswagen Seat may be coming to IndiaIt seems that Volkswagen too has worked out a comprehensive strategy for the same. The pricing of the Seat Ibiza has been placed at equal levels of the Volkswagen Polo. The Exeo sedan has been made to occupy a slot between the Volkswagen Passat and the Volkswagen Jetta, which would translate the sedan in similar lines of a D-segment vehicle. The Indian auto market might also witness a direct competition between the Alhambra MPV offered by Seat with the Toyota Innova. Most of the cars that are manufactured by Seat are known to be economically priced with the possible exception of a few vehicles, including the Exeo sedan. Hence, it reflects that the plans of Volkswagen could be ideally suited to the demands of the Indian car market that always looks for cars which are in the low price category. The fact that Volkswagen and Skoda are sharing a common platform, particularly for the Skoda Rapid, shows that strategy of Volkswagen is channeled in the proper direction.

Volkswagen Seat may be coming to IndiaAs trends seem to indicate, this platform sharing will be taking place for quite some time. Hence, the two car makers look blessed with sufficient ammunition to distribute among themselves any future growth that they might be planning. For the above reason, Volkswagen has to deliver some new cars that can exhibit its growth prospect in this market. By bringing in the Volkswagen Seat to the Indian auto market, it is not only going to create fresher appeal in India but also have a separate entity that would register growth for the car maker in the country. Volkswagen Seat is also planning to bring in its own small car, the Mii, sometimes in the future. This car is a re-badged variant of the Volkswagen Up!

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