Tata Motors showcasing its pixel concept at Delhi Auto Expo

Two interesting news pertaining to Tata Motors is doing the rounds of the auto market these days. One of this is extremely good news for its consumers whereas the other one is bound to disappoint a lot of them.

Let us discuss the good news first. Tata Motors, the leading car manufacturer from India, is going to display its latest Tata Pixel concept at the upcoming 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. The Tata Pixel is going to be a compact small car in similar lines to the Tata Nano, but can be electrically operated as well. The images that have surfaced clearly displays that this compact car is a four-seater but will have one upward opening wing-shaped door on each side. The car is going to get its power from a three-cylinder 1.2L diesel engine that is going to be mated to an automatic CVT gearbox.

Tata Motors showcasing its pixel concept at Delhi Auto ExpoThe car is expected to be extremely fuel efficient and if the claims of the auto major can be believed then it is going to offer a mileage of 35km/liter. The car has also been designed to offer extremely low emission, which would be somewhere around 89gm/km, even on the diesel variant. It has, however, not been confirmed by the manufacturer as to whether this pixel concept is being offered for launch in the Indian market or not. Predicting on the same is not appropriate at this point of time, considering the fact that the car is not going into production anytime in the immediate future. Also, the designing of the car as well as the high-tech gadgets it has been provided with indicates that the car is going to find a more worthy positioning in the international market compared to India.

Coming back to the disappointing news, it seems that the high anticipation levels of consumers to see the Tata Nano Diesel at the Delhi Auto Expo, is not going to be met. The diesel version of the Nano was eagerly awaited particularly with its promised mileage in the range of 32-35km/liter. Experts feel that the launch of the Diesel Nano has been shifted to a later date as Tata wants its consumers to swoon over its latest Tata pixel concept at the Expo. However, pushing the Diesel variant Nano launch to a later date seems sensible as this will give the 2012 petrol variant of the Tata Nano the opportunity to keep enjoying the success it is receiving alone without having to share it with its diesel counterpart.

Tata Motors showcasing its pixel concept at Delhi Auto Expo

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