Volkswagen Steps into Used Car Market

Volkswagen has taken a very patient approach of addressing one aspect at a single point in time in order to ensure that it is able to achieve it is able to achieve its final target of making an entry into the business of used cars. Most manufacturers of luxury cars have already ventured into this field. This has woken up Volkswagen to the fact that the used car segment has huge potential for them also. The company has initially made plans of opening three exclusive dealerships for used cars. These are going to be opened under the banner of ‘Das Welt Auto’ initially. Neeraj Garg, the Director of Volkswagen India has said that these dealerships for used cars are going to be opened latest by the middle of 2012. The dream that Volkswagen has of becoming the number one manufacturer of cars globally does not look to be very far from being achieved.

Volkswagen Steps into Used Car MarketThe car manufacturer has been able to deliver a brilliant performance in the auto market of South China and is presently regarded as the top auto maker in this market. If the Indian domestic auto market is considered, the performance of Volkswagen cannot be undermined by any standards. The company has recorded a phenomenal 140% overall growth in the year 2011 itself and is expected to carry this legacy of growth forward into the year 2012. Even as Volkswagen continues to bask at its glorious success, its Indian consumers are going to be lucky as the branded cars of Volkswagen can now be accessible to them at much lower prices. The name of Volkswagen has been synonymously attached to high standards and value and the company offers medium range to top end vehicles in the market. This includes the Volkswagen Polo that has been priced at Rs.4.71 Lakh and the range extends up to its Volkswagen Phaeton that costs Rs.76.29 Lakh.

Volkswagen Polo in IndiaIn days to come, Volkswagen India is expecting that the Volkswagen Beetle, which has been priced at Rs.21.22 Lacs and has not been able to generate sales in expected lines, is now going to receive an improvement in sales figures through its business of used cars. This is because the high price of the Beetle had been the only criteria that had not allowed the vehicle to perform well in the market. Volkswagen has also been continuously making efforts to enhance its customer satisfaction by introducing newer brands into the Indian market to compensate the ever rising demand for the same. Even at the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo, the company is going to come in with revamped variants of its Volkswagen Touareg and Beetle. The company is also planning to make an entry into the small, compact car segment by introducing its Volkswagen Up! However, it is still not clear whether this car is going to be displayed at the 2012 Auto Expo in Delhi.

Volkswagen Beetle in India

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