Volkswagen to bring new 800cc small car in India, Brazil and China

Volkswagen, the premier auto maker from Germany, has readied itself to launch its small cars into the Indian, Brazilian and Chinese markets. The company has already created an impact in the Indian domestic auto market through its small car, the Polo. The company has recognized the fact that small cars have the potential to bring the company significant business and profits in the Asian domestic market. Hence, it is making plans of continuing this trend by bringing in its latest small car, which has been based on the Up! platform to these markets. Further details about this car including its prospective date of launch have not yet been disclosed by the officials of the company. However, it is expected that this small car is expected to be brought in by 2013 after its initial unveiling in Paris. Hence, fans of Volkswagen cars will have a waiting period of one more year before they can lay their hands on this latest small car.

Volkswagen to bring new 800cc small car in India, Brazil and China
Brazil and China also have great demand for these small cars. Hence, the German auto maker is also going to launch this mall car in these markets by 2013 in both petrol and diesel variants. The petrol version has been provided with an 800cc engine whereas the diesel variant gets its power from an engine of 1.2L. Volkswagen has already started making large investments in the Indian market as it has identified the country as a potential manufacturing hub for globally marketing its cars. This is because most resources including labor costs are available at an affordable rate in India. However, the company is going to face strong competition from other players including Hyundai and Maruti, particularly in the segment of small cars.  In order to enhance its domination in the Asian market, Volkswagen has already acquired a stake of 19% in Suzuki Motors. The company is also committed towards achieving a market share of 10% in the Indian domestic market within 2018. All this is in lines with the vision of the company to become the largest manufacturer of automobiles in the world.

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