Volkswagen to bring Seat in India

Wow , yes wow was the word which I said when I personally came across of this news that VW is launching its new Spanish model in the Indian market named VW SEAT, I know criticism will be made, question will be asked , and expert will say that there is a big chance of a loss in the market due to its unique identity in the Indian market but look into the material , it is just amazing. You can imagine a car which has a growth rate of 2.3 %, and amazingly the Volkswagen sales rate has gone up by 12.1% worldwide, so you can’t even doubt the company. VW Seat is all set to be launched in china and then after china  we being Indian going to enjoy this Spanish model, so growth of this car will enhance like anything , well this car is going to rock the Indian market which I personally think , and reason is very genuine that nowadays every forth Indian is moving towards a four wheeler from a two wheeler and as it is not that big so it would be easy for everyone to keep,   but if you are thinking that it is not specious then you must know that there is few model that could be launched in India and they are:-

  • Ibiza hatchback
  • Exeo Saloon
  • Alhambra MPV

Volkswagen Seat in India

So there are option which is going to be launched, out of this the first one is in the range of  Volkswagen polo , the second one(Exeo saloon) will lie between Jetta and Passat, and the third one is a car which is going to take on the TATA Innova and Aria.

All these model is going to make their mark in a market which is very flexible, and VW is going to invest $86.4 billion in next five years , so the company has a believe on its upcoming project . And this is not all as Volkswagen is known for the amazing car they make, I am sure that it will be one of those. If you go and look for the comfort of the car you will be mesmerised as it has great space between the front and the back seat, As far as Style is concerned you can’t make questions for it as it is the “VOLKSWAGEN”. .

About the reviews for it, it is not that good as in comparison to the company’s growth it is not that big, but features of the car explains something else.

Volkswagen Seat in India

According to IHS, VW will close the VW Seat brand by 2015 if it fails to become more profitable.

But the above review was after 2010 sales currently it is growing.

Although the report is not that good but the car is a promising one according to Indian market as it is an affordable stylish car, which holds some nice and comfortable features.

Volkswagen polo

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