Skoda lines up Citigo for India

The word is out! Skoda will soon be launching its Citigo Hatchback in India. The compact Citigo hatchback was originally planned for Europe. With Fabia being the disappointment it was for the Indian market, Skoda is betting big on the Citigo. With the launch of the Citigo, the Skoda is targeting the lower end of the automobile market and is planning to emerge as a favorite of the masses.

In fact, the Citigo is slated to get launched in the European market somewhere in the middle of 2012. But before an all Europe launch, the Citigo will hit the market in Skoda’s hometown in Czech Republic in late 2011. Skoda is planning to make the Citigo a perfect low-cost complement to VW’s high-end vehicles.

Skoda lines up Citigo for India

A look at the Citigo clearly shows that it design somewhat resembles Skoda MissionL concept model, especially from the front section. The design chrome grille at the front shows that ideas for the Citigo were borrowed from the MissionL.

The UK model of the Citigo will have 1.0L petrol engine in two different variants capable of generating a maximum output of 59bhp and 74bhp. Not much is known about the engine. But sources in the company told Indian Drives that the engine is most likely to be mated with a manual transmission. But an automatic transmission will be offered as an option for the more lavish buyers. Sources also tell us that a cleaner and greener version of the Citigo will also be made available in the future which would run on electricity.

The launch of the Citigo might coincide with the launch of the Volkswagen UP! the platform of which Citigo seems to share. It would be quite interesting to see how the market reacts to the launch of two vehicles in the same category and, in all sense, by the same company, with Skoda being a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen. But Skoda officials say that their parent company has promised them of all the support they need when they bring the Citigo to India.

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