Volkswagen to follow similar formula for new Phaeton

With the dominance of Volkswagen in the world auto industry, the German car maker seems confident to take a step ahead with the new Phaeton.

When the Phaeton was introduced in 2002 Geneva Motor Show, it was a motoring marvel, with features that could give goose bumps to even the top end premium class Mercedes. A Volkswagen Sedan that shares its platform with the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, the Phaeton offers space, luxury and meticulous engineering standards. But, it lacked the bold statement a luxury car needs to make.

Volkswagen to follow similar formula for new Phaeton
This premium class sedan was believed to be a total flop, until now. Denying all rumors, VW has announced that an all-new Phaeton is set to replace the current Phaeton. This new model, expected in 2015-16 is built in same mold, without downsizing its price or scale. This is the kind of car for a person who chooses to have a discreet public image with un-compromising luxury. Like the previous model, the styling will be more subtle with an understatement and attention will be paid to engineering and technology. The power plant is not yet confirmed, but it is expected to be powered by a V12 to meet he new emission norms, along with extensive use of aluminum and magnesium to keep the weight low.

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