Volkswagen to lift up prices of Polo and Vento by around 3%

As per sources, Volkswagen is making plans to lift up the cost of its well known hatchback Polo in addition to mid-size sedan Vento by around 3 per cent.

In anannouncement, the sources stated that German automobile giant will augment the value of Polo and Vento cars by approximately 1-3 per cent shortly.

When met, a Volkswagen’s representative refused to remark on increase in rates of said models and stated that they cannot remark on market conjecture.

The company had rolled out the Polo and the Vento models in the Indian market in the year 2010, and both the car modelsturned the flagship models for the renowned car manufacturer.

Volkswagen polo

Volkswagen like Toyota, which is expected to raise its costs by about 1.5% by the coming month, imports vital constituents such as the engine as well as gear case for the majority of its cars.

It is thought that the said increase is in reaction to the declining value of the Indian currency that is turning importing a pricey affair.

Volkswagen Vento

But, with the holiday period approaching, it is expected that Volkswagen will make use of this as likelihood to frame some volumes and put off burdening the client with cost increase.

The sales of Volkswagen cars dropped slightlyduringthe month of June at 5,371 units as against 5,397 cars in the identical period of 2011.

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