Volkswagen to roll out next – gen crossover variants of Golf and Jetta estate in 2015

The new crossover cars will be comparable in design to the newly launched Passat Alltrack model. This is new territory for Volkswagen,which is otherwise well-known in the manufacturing the sedan class of cars.

According to sources, these new crossover models, especially the Volkswagen Jetta, would have engines incorporating state of the art technology, coupled with unmatched driver and passenger comfort and promises to be second to none in this ever growing crossover category, making it one of the most anticipated cars in recent times. The Volkswagen Jetta has incorporated a slightly off the ground elevated clearance with radically styled bumpers and gradual graphics along the exteriors. The car stands out amongst its peers with supplementary arch shell and off the cuff interiors.

Volkswagen to roll out next - gen crossover variants of Golf and Jetta estate in 2015

The Alltrack, on the other hand, comes with a choice of the standard front wheel or four motion, 4 wheel drive. This new crossover model will retain the same steel body and mechanics of the Golf estate. The Alltrack model will also remain untouched enabling Volkswagen to maintain reasonable production costs.

The plant has a new MQB platform, which will be used to manufacture/assemble these cars. The modular structure of the MQB platform will enable to speed up production significantly.

At present, these models will be introduced first in North America. Volkswagen will be introducing other cars as well in the United States and first in line is the Tiguan which has a third row passenger seating area and more space.

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