Volkswagen will now offer pre-owned cars in India

On November 6th, Volkswagen inaugurated its used car business Das WeltAuto in India at Mumbai. Company has started the business with about 15 dealerships and is planning to increase that number to 21 at the end of the year.  These dealerships will be trading cars from all automakers and not just Volkswagen. They will also be offering a warranty of about 1 year with every VW cars sold. The non-VW cars will also get a warranty of about 6 months. Company claims that every car sold through its outlet will have to endure stringent 160 point checklist to ensure that it provides hassle free ownership to the customers.

Volkswagen Passenger Car’s managing director, Arvind Saxena, said that they believe that each and every customer is important even if he is opting for a pre-owned car. He further added that at Das WeltAuto, they follow strict system and processes that ensures that each car passes 160 point checklist, which is a part of the protocol that ensures that the vehicle is fit for hassle free experience.

Volkswagen will now offer pre-owned cars in India

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