Volkswagen’s next gen 2015 Polo will have MQB platform

Volkswagen is one of the leading automobile companies in the world. Now Volkswagen is on its way to be the leader. Its new creation called the MQB platform is been seen as a means which will take Volkswagen to the top. The company claims to be the number one, beating Toyota and GM, by the year 2018. The bestselling car for Volkswagen has been its hatchback, Polo. The company will be designing the next gen model using the MQB platform. This car will make it to the market in the year 2015.

Volkswagen is a German company and is the most successful division of the Volkswagen group. It is currently the 3rd biggest automobile company in the world. The website called 24/7 Wall St has displayed the list of top 10 best selling cars ever in the history of automobiles. Volkswagen has 3 of its cars on this list. These cars are Volkswagen Passat, Volkswagen Beetle and Volkswagen Golf. This makes it the only manufacturer to have 3 of its cars at the same time in the top 10. The company spends handsomely on research works.

Volkswagen Polo is a ‘supermini’ car. It was launched in the year 1975 and since then 5 generations of this car have entered the market. In between, the cars have gradually received face lifts as well. It is sold worldwide in all popular forms- hatchback, coupe, sedan and saloon. Some of the Polo variants that are existing in the market currently are Polo Mark V (2009), Polo Vivo (2010) , Cross Polo (2010) etc

Volkswagen Polo
Until the new 2015 Polo makes its way to the market, the current generation will stay. The present ones might receive some cosmetic upgrades in the next year to keep up with the sales. After the MQB 2015 Polo is successfully launched, the company plans to set out a compact SUV. The company has been seen talking about a car, filling the gap between Taigun and Tiguan. This intermediate could be on the lines of MQB Polo. The sedan version of Polo that is sold in Russia and India will also continue with the new Polo.

There is a possibility that the company might discontinue with Cross Polo after the 2015 launch. The reason behind this can be that Cross Polo is not a true SUV but just a half imitation. The company might prefer its true SUVs to be taken to the MQB level.

So if we summarize the company’s plans, it can be said that MQB platform will be used in the next gen Polo as well as the next gen Vento. The company will also launch an SUV based on MQB based Polo.

In India, Vento and Polo are the best sellers for Volkswagen, Therefore, it is not farfetched to expect that the MQB versions of Polo and Vento will be seen ruling here as well.

With the new versions, emission control is going to be much stricter. Hence the new Polo and Vento will be powered with a turbo charged petrol engine and a diesel engine. The company will also stop using a 3 cylinder engine in the Polo which is in a way, very noisy. In India various SUVs like Mahindra Quanto, Ford Ecosport and Renault Duster are ruling. It , therefore, is a great market for the new 2015 Polo.

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