Honda to roll out Amaze in China by 2014

After an impressive beginning in the Indian market and in its bid to take Amaze to a range of global market arenas, auto maker Honda’s target list also consists of the Chinese market in addition.

As per a report by press persons, the company has forward an application for a copyright of the Amaze compact sedan in China and will introduce the vehicle in the coming year (2014).

Presently, Amaze is sold in the Thai as well as Indian market however it will be made obtainable in more nations in addition. The company also markets the Fit (we call it as Jazz) that has been subtracted from the domestic market.

It will be appealing to witness how Honda will place Amaze in the Chinese market in comparison with the Fit thinking that the Indian market will also notice the similar combo from 2014 when the firm will roll out the new-gen Jazz in China.

Honda Amaze

At this time, Amaze with the 1.5 liter I-DTEC motor get only sold in the Indian market and as per the report, only the 1.2 liter petrol Amaze will get introduced in the Chinese market since the most of cities do not permit diesel engines in passenger vehicles.

The 1.2 liter Amaze is also sold in Thail zone and this is the identical engine, which it shares with Brio as well as Jazz (Fit).

Indian Amaze fabricates 88PS of power yield and is sensibly peppy! Will the company touch the measurements of the vehicle considering that it really doesn’t have to stick to the sub four meter restriction we have in the Indian market.

Add to that Chinese’ love for cars with additional room!

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