Volvo C30 electric’s production started

Volvo’s much acclaimed electric hatchback, the C30 electric has been put through the production lineup. As early as 2010, there were many prototypes which were put through the testing phase all across Sweden. Ghent in Sweden is the place where these cars would be exclusively built for the time being. The batteries and also installation of components including the electric motor would be completed in Volvo’s Goteborg facility. This electric hatch can be recharged from a regular household power socket with a full recharge taking 7 hours while a power charge taking only half an hour with an extender.

The driving range for this car would be approximately 150 kms and this hatch is as big as the Honda Jazz. It does 0-100 kmph in an unbelievable 5 seconds. Whether this hatch would make it to India or not is any one’s guess. Do check this link for a jumpstart on some other electric cars (Preview of some electric cars coming our way in the future)

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