All new Mercedes SLK to be launched in India tomorrow

Come tomorrow and India’s number one luxury car manufacturer Mercedes are all set to launch their much acclaimed Mercedes SLK in the country. Globally, the car was revealed to the car buying public, accompanying the 125th anniversary celebrations of its manufacturer. This happened in January 2011 and 7 months down the line, the new car hits the Indian shores. While the older model boasted of a hard top which used to fold, the newer one would have a fabric roof, one which would be a heavily reworked iteration of the former. The manufacturer’s much controversial variable tint glass with electromagnetic particles in it as also the fixed tint and the standard aluminium panels would be available for grabs.

In the interiors, the influence from the Mercedes SLS is quite evident as also the dashboard which has been set at an angle which favors the driver. A whole new array of trims is also on offer, for decking up the interiors of the car according to personal preferences. Competition would be in the form of the highly successful BMW Z4 as also the Audi TT and the Porsche Cayman Boxster. A 3.5 liter engine featuring direct injection technology will pump in 306 Bhp and a 7 speed auto box would direct the power to the rear wheels. This engine will be a V6 engine and like all the new models offered by Mercedes in India, would have better fuel economy, improved performance as also lower emissions. Estimated prices for the Mercedes SLK is Rs 65 lakhs.

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