Volvo planning the launch of its V40 hatchback within early 2013

By the looks of things, it seems that Volvo India has not left any stone unturned to establish itself as a major force in the Indian domestic auto market, which has been witnessing domination by cars makers from Germany. As per a recent report, Volvo has been working on plans to introduce a small luxury vehicle into the Indian auto market within the first quarter of 2013. This move of the company is being viewed as very positive by the auto experts. It is being suggested as per this report that this small luxury vehicle is going to be priced between Rs.20 lakh and Rs.22 lakh. The car, which is going to be known as the Volvo V40 is expected to be disclosed in front of prospective customers at the Motor Show in Geneva to be held in the month of March 2012. The S40 platform is going to be used to craft the Volvo V40 and is going to give direct competition to the Mercedes Benz B Class, the vehicle that is also expected to make its debut in the Indian auto market around the same time.

Volvo planning the launch of its V40 hatchback within early 2013
Volvo India Managing Director, Mr. Tomas Emberg has said that the company is making two major international launches in the year 2012, of which its small vehicle is going to make the journey to the Indian market. The company expects to gain substantial revenue by launching this small car in the Indian market. In very recent times, Volvo India has also introduced cheaper versions of its sedans the Volvo S60 and S80 along with its SUV, the Volvo XC60. The S60 and S80 have been offered with starting prices of Rs.23.99 Lakh and Rs.31.99 Lakh. Its entry-level SUV has been offered at a starting price of Rs.33.99 Lakh. All these latest versions get their power from a five-cylinder, 2L Turbo charged D3 diesel engine. The engine is expected to deliver improved and enhanced fuel efficiency.

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