Volvo to roll out new car in India by March 2013

As per the company’s functionary, luxury auto manufacturer Volvo is making plans to roll out its innovative vehicle in the country.

The reports said that the auto giant will introduce the car by the end of March next year.

The new vehicle ‘V40-Cross Country,’ has already been launched in the Frankfurt market, and would hit the domestic (Indian) market, which is a budding market for Volvo.

Tomas Ernburg, Managing Director, Volvo India, who is in the nation (India) to kick off one of the largest Volvo dealerships in India.

Volvo to roll out new car in India by March 2013
In addition, the company said that the said vehicle could be available around Rs 25 lakh ex-showroom in the Indian market.

On Volvo’s development, Ernburg stated that it was just 1% market share in the Indian market during 2011 that was expected to augment to 3% in 2012, as Volvo was getting to the top, by hitting its rivals.

Volvo India wishes to be on top in the Indian market in the luxury section and eyes to detain 15% market share by the coming 8 years and would market 20,000 vehicles then. It would steadily augment to 30,000 in the year 2025,” Ernburg said.

As a result, Volvo India would increase its fabrication capacitance to 800,000 as compared to 400,000 at this time.

Dwelling upon the company’s dream, Tomas stated that the company, claimed to be the securest vehicle in the globe, wished to construct such a vehicle in future, where the driver would not pass away or get injured badly, if met with a big mishap.

Stating that Volvo would begin its functioning in China facility by 2013, Ernburg stated though he personally wished to establish a facility in the Indian market, it, however, would be the verdict of the Company all together.

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