Why the Child Seat is Necessary in a Car? Tips for Selecting a Perfect One

In spite of getting bestowed with a lot of advancement in the automotive arena, there is still a lacking in our automotive fraternity. We had been dwindling with many issues for quite long time but hadn’t come out with a solution yet. There will be many people in India who had prepared themselves for some sort of uncertainty, but still there is a large amount of audience who is still nagging the thought with every time they step inside their car. Well, don’t get annoyed, this article we had wrote with regards to selecting perfect seat for your child, while taking them out on a drive in your car. We know there is a lot of safety features embedded inside your car’s cabin, but it doesn’t tend to reward you the most when you have child on your lap during the time of emergency. Hopefully, it is the car seat in which the child is at its safest for most of the time. When talking about your safety features, those may act as a double sided sword when being blown into action at the moment. For example, a child always tends to sit on the parents’ lap and most probably being secured in the nag of seat belt not so appropriately. This is in return may get your kid swop on the windscreen when encountered a collision, or he may get suffocated due to the stretching of seat belt rounding his neck in a haphazard manner for some your defensive actions out there on the silly turns or maybe sometimes on potholes.

Well, the answer to this is the “child seat”. It minimizes the risk of any uncertainty by almost 90% and also ensures the journey be planted in a very smooth manner. According to some of the sources, in India too there will be regulations going to pass in India by 2016 which will make the child seat mandatory for any of the car owner who is driving the vehicle with kids under 12 years on board. If he doesn’t follow this suit then he will be fined appropriately in the regarded manner. Special seat for the child regulation is followed in many of the countries around the world, and India seems the latest entrant for this respective safety quotient. Whatever it may hold up to its applied attempt, we are glad for our government that they are taking this effort to make this sort happen very soon on our shores. In fact, some of our sources had also claimed, this new trim in the regulations of our local RTO will be specifically applicable from October 2014 onwards.

Now we need to care a bit about it. We are alienated with such abroad-oriented terminologies, but knowing them in advance will be of great use when it will be tempted mandatory. Here we had worked out some of the child seats that are being available in market to give you the glimpse what you can opt for when you are ought to buy them.

Child seats solely depended on the weight and age. So the further categorization is made on that basis only. Very importantly, one needs to change them when he will find the child growing or not finding himself comfortable in it.

Child seats

Infant seats:

Infant seat is meant for the toddler who is of 1 year or lesser than it. In other form, he must be lesser than 10kgs and should measure 29 to 32 inches in height. Infant seat can be carried easily whenever and wherever you need them. One can walk with the toddler outside the Car without waking him up. It is light and easy to use. Hopefully, the bright minded moms can also keep it in their strollers and can walk away without any hassles out there in the shopping mall, parks, and many places. It is the best amongst all the categories mentioned here. It doesn’t have found any of the disadvantages here in our research, but there still a one which peeps very silently towards us. That is none other than the replacement. Yes, this seat needs to be replaced very promptly after buying. The reason is it is made suitable for those who are between 0-1 years. So the instructions regarded period gets churned off very quickly and the toddler grows to more than it immensely than our expectations. Hence, the same then needs to be replaced sometimes within 12 months itself. It cost between a mere price band of Rs. 3,500 and Rs. 5,000 in India. Before buying, make sure the seat is well padded and comfortable enough to give your child a comfortable experience throughout the drive.

Child seats:

These seats are meant for the babies between 1-4 years. One can find it forward facing as well as backward facing too. The most advisable option is backward/rear facing. It’s because the child will feel less whiplash in this direction. Terming it as per to professional’s views, unless and until the toddler is two years or lesser than that, parents should follow the rear facing positions only. It will affect them merely whenever any of the mishap there that will take place on the road. And very importantly, place them on the rear benches itself. There are some other important points too which needed to be share as per to our expert moms. They say, sometimes it’s better to directly buy the child seat rather than buying the infant seat in first place. This may help you to save the money and. But hopefully that’s not the words our experts echoes, instead they recommend the latter one is suitable for the grownups, and the newborns needs to fit in the former one only. As per to the studies, the younger tods find themselves swimming when given in bigger complex of seat. They fit perfectly in the smaller one. So don’t be arguable and join the league in the way it is meant for. Costing for the child seat is adorned it in the range of Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 10,000.

Booster seats:

Booster seats are meant for the child who is of more than 4 years and weighs in between 15 to 36 kgs. In order, the maximum limit of a child to use the booster seat is 12 years, as what concluded by most of the experts in industry. This type of seat is nothing more than a beefed up platform. The function of it is to raise the child in such added temperament that he may find the right spot to swirl the seat belt around his body. This is the only seat in the whole plethora which uses seat belt of a car. The seat pushes child in that very upward manner where exactly he finds the place to nag the belts around perfectly to his body areas to which it is meant for. This ranges in between the tags of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000.

All these above mentioned seats can be avail form a number of stores in India, and if there you find difficulty in searching for it then but obviously go Google and make the deal there itself. The websites will also deliver you the requirements at your doorstep, so hopefully no need to face the tantrums of your kid while dodging him to make the choice at a kid store.

Booster seats

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