Maruti Omni Going Donuts: Watch Video

Maruti Omni may not be a favorite badge for the performance driven adrenaline junkie. But hopefully in our automotive world, things don’t stay at the place permanently. And this time to prove wrong those power driven jerks, Omni had gone extra mile to evacuate the image of being slow and sluggish last mile passenger mover.

But to confirm the same, one needs to watch this posted video which can give him more insights about what the bespoken model plate exactly can do for gaining added attention.

Well, for those who cannot get the video at this immediate point let us tell you the Maruti Omni, aka Suzuki Carry, in Australia is doing burnouts and fuming the rubber for sheer excitement of audience. Hopefully, don’t scratch your brains, this sort of action is not performed by the company fitted 796cc, 33PS and 57Nm of torque engine. Though the owner of this vehicle had replaced it with the turbocharged rotary engine (Wankel engine) under the front seats and hence the result is just fabulous. Omni is not stopping itself from turning around. Thanks to those pieces of rubbers which had got fumed in the action, otherwise we thought owner was definitely on the spree to take on the leading names in burnout arena.

Maruti Omni Going Donuts
Lastly we would say, do watch the video it is the once a lifetime chance, because Maruti Omni is not in the mood to perform on daily basis like this.

Maruti Omni

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