World’s Most Expensive Motorhome Goes on Sale in Dubai for £2 million

The ‘Land of Arabs’ is one of the exclusive places on earth to be in, because they are the true valuators of luxury and automobiles, which most probably the latter part is our favorite and in further stanzas we are going to conclude best of both the worlds.

Time and again, Arabs are once more going to snatch title of “world’s most expensive”, and this time it is the world’s costliest motorhome named ‘eleMMent Palazzo’. It is covered in gold and will be made available for sale in Dubai with an expected price tag of £2million.

Apart from the best in terms of automobiles, eleMMent Palazzo also boast end number of luxuries that can be named as:

Motorhome Goes on Sale In Dubai

  •  Colossal master bedroom
  • 40 inch TV
  • On-board bar
  • Fireplace
  • Roof top terrace and many more.

Motorhome Interior

With just the press of a button this 40ft motorhome can transforms itself into a pop up cocktail bar that is given with an underfloor heating and the extravagant marble lighting. No butler is required for its cleaning and such; it’s so smart that it can clean itself after a day’s ride.

Hence, the Arabs are finding this new toy too lucrative for their next shopping list, which is going to fetch them the temperament of enjoying their tranquilities with a glass full of champagne on the roof top terrace, being served by the aura of glitzy evening and charming wives.

Motorhome Interior Motorhome kitchen

Well, we think eleMMent Palazzo is the new yacht in industry that needs no water but can sail easily on tarmac. The makers had also given it out in the option of white apart from gold; which hopefully the latter one is attracting us most!

Motorhome Inside view Motorhome Bedroom

It is not all, this ‘Palace on Wheels’ has more to say in the form of modernization and futuristic transformation. For that view the posted pictures and let us know what your take is?

Motorhome Top view

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