Young racing talent Aditya Patel set to create motorsport history with Audi

Audi India’ young motoring talent, Aditya Patel’s name is set to go up in motorsports history, as the first Indian driver ever to race in the 24 hours of Nurburgring. The event is considered as one of the most prized and extremely anticipated races on the endurance race charts, and qualifying to this event signifies extreme determination, ability and technological aptitude of the cars and its drivers. Audi India has signed Aditya on a 3-year contract, securing a seat for the talented racer with the team Pro-Handicap e.V in the iconic Audi TTS.

Team Pro-Handicap e.V is no ordinary team and is extremely skilled. Besides, it is also recognized for the consistency of their vehicle, the iconic Audi TTS, which has accomplished the 24 hours of Nürburgring in seven entries starting from its debut. While most teams have 4 drivers in the enduring challenge, the Team Pro-Handicap e.V is among the few to opt entering the race with just 3 drivers. This ends up giving each driver, approximately 7 hours driving time each. This strategy has been the key to the team’s success in past events.

Young racing talent Aditya Patel set to create motorsport history with Audi
Speaking on the association, Michael Perschke, Head, Audi India said, “Audi’s association with motorsport goes back a long way and our achievements on the racetrack reflect our passion for high quality engineering, technology and success. We believe in nurturing young talent and are confident that the capability of the Audi TTS and Aditya’s skill is a good combination to take on this challenge. The main objective for Aditya is to finish the race, which will lay a strong foundation for future success.”

Aditya Patel, Audi race talent said, “This is a huge opportunity and I am very excited to race in one of the biggest events in international motorsport. So far I have been racing in the sprint format, but this exposure to a high level endurance format will help to develop my skills as an all-round racer. I feel confident of finishing the race, because I know what Audi cars are capable of. Although there is a long way to go before I can compete with the best, I am thankful that Audi India and my sponsors have given me such a big chance to gain vital experience so early in my career.”

After giving a spectacular performance last month at the VLN endurance series in Germany, the young Indian racer managed to qualify for the Nürburgring endurance. The 25 kms (15.5 miles) Nürburgring, is popular for being the most challenging racetrack in the world. It is notorious for its range of blind turns and unstable weather zones.

Aditya started early into motor racing, making his debut at the age of 14 with JK Tyre National Racing Championship in 2001. Flawless feat and committed backup from continuing sponsors like JK Tyre, MAS Holdings and Petra Energy gave Aditya a chance to climb up the ranks and take a drift toward superior platforms in the likes of VW Polo R Cup and the VW Scirocco R Cup in Germany, where he finished 5th overall, in 2011.

Besides several long-term sponsors, Audi India and JK Tyre have been playing a major role in his career. They are committed to structuring a real growth lane for Aditya. This will further support Aditya on various levels of international race platforms in Audi performance products array from the recently launched (in India) Audi TT to the super sports car, the Audi R8.

The practice and qualifying sessions for the 24 hours of Nürburgring is scheduled for 17th and 18th May, while the main race will take place on 19th and 20th May.

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