Zipcar, Honda Announce OneWay Car Sharing With 2015 Fit

Zipcar, the leading car sharing company of the world, today announced “Zipcar ONE>WAY,” a new service, which will allow members to take point-to-point trips within cities, and to and from select airport locations. Currently, the new service is being tested and slated to launch in select markets later in 2014. It will exclusively feature the 2015 Honda Fit, a fuel-efficient, versatile and fun-to-drive subcompact, which is small enough to zip in and around cities, yet large enough to comfortably fit up to five passengers and their cargo. Honda’s role in the Zipcar ONE>WAY service continues its long legacy in car sharing dating back to the launch of its ICVS (Intelligent Community Vehicle System) concept in 1994.

The new Zipcar ONE>WAY service will also allow members to reserve and pick up the Honda Fit Zipcar at a designated location and drop it off at another with a guaranteed parking spot. Zipcar’s new service not only helps reduce congestion in cities as members are not circling the block searching for parking, but also benefits members through increased flexibility. Combined with the company’s industry leading round trip model, the new service will provide members the most comprehensive mobility option available.

2015 Honda Fit

Kaye Ceille President at Zipcar said: “Our ONE>WAY service combines the best of Zipcar – guaranteed advance and parking reservations – with the best of the one-way model – the freedom and spontaneity to leave a vehicle in a different location.” “Zipcar ONE>WAY, combined with our global fleet of more than 10,000 vehicles with 30 different models and makes, provides members the most flexibility, the most options and the biggest international network of any mobility provider.”

Honda Fit 2015

The 2015 Honda Fit has become even more of a standout choice in the subcompact class with its big-on-the-inside interior cargo and passenger space and small-on-the-outside exterior. Offered through Zipcar ONE>WAY this fall, the Fit features an efficient and powerful engine, a modern and fresh design, in addition to a highly versatile interior featuring standard features essential for urban driving such as Bluetooth handsfree connectivity and a rearview camera. The surprisingly spacious 2015 Fit interior offers an impressive 95.7 cubic feet of passenger volume with comfortable seating for up to five passengers with ample storage space behind the rear seats.

Zipcar, Honda Announce OneWay Car Sharing With 2015 Fit

For enhanced versatility, the Fit comes standard with the Honda-exclusive 60/40 split rear Magic Seat which offers multiple cargo-carrying and seating configurations to accommodate long items up to eight feet long or tall items like plants. With its one-motion dive-down functionality, it can fold flat into the floor to provide nearly 53 cu-ft. of rear cargo volume. That’s more cargo area than the average SUV, offering enough space to allow for 10 carry-on sized suitcases. On top of its superior cargo capabilities, the 2015 Fit is a class leader in fuel efficiency with an EPA fuel-economy rating1 of 33/41/36 for the LX trim with a new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Honda and Zipcar announce OneWay short-term carsharing

Steven Center, Vice President of the Environmental Business Development Office at American Honda said: “Created for urban mobility, the Fit subcompact and Zipcar ONE>WAY service will provide Zipsters the best of sustainable city transportation in a stylish, fuel efficient and functional package.” “Honda has long been involved in the car sharing industry, and we believe that this program will help reduce emissions and city congestion while providing a new level of freedom and convenience to customers.”

“This combination of flexibility, fuel efficiency and roominess makes the Fit a perfect fit for our ONE>WAY service,” continued Kaye. “With this initiative, we build on a successful and long relationship with Honda, whose leadership in engagement and sustainability with the car sharing industry during the past decade has helped accelerate the growth of the car sharing segment.”

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