Tata Motors April 2014 Sales Stood at 33,892 Units: No Progress

Tata Motors is in the need of an ace to shoot all the negativities from its sales floor, and that seems to be in the development – the upcoming models Zest and Bolt for passenger vehicle segment. Right now, while confirming the sales of April 2014, it caught up decline of 34% comparatively to the same period of last year.

Tata Motors reported total sales (including exports) of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles in April 2014 of 33,892 vehicles, where it sold 51,160 vehicles in April 2013. The automaker’s domestic sales of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles for April 2014 were 30,670 nos., 36% decline over 47,595 nos. sold in April last year.

Tata Nano Twist

Tata Motor’s sales of commercial vehicles (CV) in April 2014 in the domestic market were 23,229 nos., a 36% decline compared to 36,025 vehicles sold in April last year. Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) sales stood at 14,804 nos., a decline of 43% over April last year, while Medium Commercial Vehicle (MCV) & Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) sales were with the minimum decline at 8,425 nos., a retard of 16% over April last year.

Passenger vehicles sales of Tata Motors for April 2014 were at 7,441 nos., down by 36% over 11,570 units sold in April 2013. Nano/ Indica/ Indigo range managed to break through 5,653 nos. in April 2014, lower by 37% over 8,918 vehicles sold in April 2013. The Sumo/ Safari/ Aria/ Venture category resulted 1,788 nos., reporting 33% decline over 2,652 nos., sold in April last year.

The company’s number extracts from exports were 3,222 nos. in April 2014, obviously a decline, but as mere as 10%, compared to 3,565 vehicles of April last year

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