1 Lakh Volkswagen Vento Exported from India to Mexico

Within just two years of its launch, Volkswagen has exported 1 lakh units of the car from India to the North American country of Mexico. Replacing the Jetta in the Mexican market, the Vento has already become one of the most popular cars in that country. In fact, India made Vento has become so popular in Mexico that in the first half of 2015, it was amongst the top selling cars in that country.

It is the highest selling Volkswagen car in Mexico followed by the Polo hatch, which is incidentally, is also made in India and exported from here. All the cars that Volkswagen exports from India are made at its Chakhan facility.

1 Lakh Volkswagen Vento Exported from India to Mexico

Of course, people at Volkswagen are extremely elated at this success. According to them, their decision to enter the export market from here has made their India operation “on a boarder sustainable scale.” Now they are looking to explore more export markets for cars made in India.

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